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    "Carrier" on PBS tonight

    It is definitely does not portray life on the Nimitz as glamorous for the enlisted crew. For the officers, it seems a lot nicer.
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    Z, I'll help you hijack . . . It's my understanding that medical records are "your" records. You have paid for them, they belong to you. You can have them if you want. I agree with Z. Doctors cannot keep you from seeing/having your medical records. Ask in writing and they will have to...
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    GO! I agree with MIDNDAD. You applied and were accepted to three. It is your $$$. West Point may impress you so much that you change your mind about which academy is best for you.
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    Cadet Project

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    Cadet Project

    Momoftwins, Can you give us any insight was to why the video was removed? Was it pressure from her school directly or from pressure from the senator (through the school)? Were the cadet's first ammendment rights trampled upon? I think so.
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    Applying for Multiple Academies?

    I think one of the BGOs would be the best source to answer this post but here is my opinion. What I really think happens is that each academy looks at you from the information that you submit, then they make their choice. USNA does not consider science and reading scores from the ACT...
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    scholarship help

    Well, you have a point, but . . . what happens if you tear your ACL before summer? Or a million other things that make you not able to go (or not want to go)? Even a car wreck that is not your fault can break some bones and get you a DQ. I suggest that you go ahead and apply for the...
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    Well Z, Why didn't you clarify that one for us?
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    luv, Please read this thread on the AFA forum on CC. It was written by Zaphod. He is a moderator on this forum. It is well written advice on making YOUR decision. I'm not an academy grad but his advice seems very pertinent to your situation. Good luck in your decision...
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    anyone else getting spammed by pm?

    Yes. By Jeannette. I didn't reply.
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    First of all I want to let you know that I am not a medical professional and only have one experience dealing with DoDMERB. My son was DQed for a condition that RetNavy had never seen a waiver for. So, at RetNavy's recommendation 1) we requested son's surgeon to write a letter stating that...
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    This may be it!

    Sure do that Luigi if you never want your son to speak to you again.
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    PSAT scores and NASS

    Hopeful, I never saw anything that made me question your honor. It's easy to not understand the rules of a test. No apology needed. No matter your eventual college goal, you will want to do well on the standardized tests (SAT & ACT). I suggest that you take the practice ACT in the back...
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    PSAT scores and NASS

    Hopeful, Consider trying the ACT. The SAT and ACT tests are quite different. The verbal on the SAT has a lot of vocab while the English section on the ACT is almost all grammar. Both math sections are fairly similar. Study the Barrons or Princeton Review prep books a lot. NOTE: for USNA...
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    color vision deficiency

    There is a person that just posted on College Confidential that he/she just received a color vision waiver for USNA. His/Her screen name is tielir999. The thread where he/she posted is
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    Another nail in the coffin of the naysayers...

    This is the kind of info that Bush needs to be "boasting" about to the press. I do not believe that Bush has done a good job of getting out the good news like he should have. This is one of Bush's flaws the he should have taken care of about 6 years ago.
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    CC banned me

    Exar, Was it that vemom spitting "liable"? He deserved everything you said about him . . . and more.
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    It's true: Iraq is a quagmire

    I emailed Jack Kelly to thank him for writing this story.
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    Another "chances" inquiry

    If you want to consider the ACT test, it may be to your advantage. The ACT English section is almost all grammar. The SAT verbal section has a lot of vocabulary along with grammar. Math is just math. I don't think they are too different. Good luck.
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    CFA; abdominals

    Complete instructions for CFA are here. Good luck!