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    Mine was just posted! They must’ve sent out the next wave of appointee kits!
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    USAFA Class of 2027 appointment list

    # SAF USERNAME DD/DS/Self LOA Offer Date Accept/Decline State Nominations Appointment From 1) DS 2) DD 3) Self DD-MM-YY 1) Undecided 2) Will Decline 3) Will Accept 4) Declined 5) Accepted 1) Pres 2) Vice Pres 3) Sen 4) Rep 5) LEAD 6) ROTC 7) JROTC 8) 100% Disab 9) Other 1) HS 2) Falcon...
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    Any LOAs Yet?

    Do they usually send out just one wave of LOAs or is it usually spread out a bit?
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    Any LOAs Yet?

    Congratulations! Where did it show up on your portal?
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    January 2023 Falcon Visitation Experience Invitees

    Still haven’t heard anything, has anyone else received anything?