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    VMI Summer Transition Program

    DS did STP in 2018. Although as his mom I drove him there from 8 hours away, plenty of kids didn’t have parents come with them as they were allowed to have cars. Wishing your son a great experience at STP and VMI as my DS prepares to commission and graduate this coming week
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    Current NROTC-MO Scholarship and DODMERB exam

    DS is a current NROTC-MO scholarship student in his first year at a SMC. His DODMERB exam was in July 2017. It is my understanding that a DODMERB exam is good for 2 years. Does he need to have another DODMERB exam this summer? Or is it that an exam is good for 2 years if he was still applying...
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    NROTC Marine Option

    DS was informed on December 19 last year to confirm info provided above. Good luck!
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    Personal statement DQ

    Tell them exactly what you just posted...."never ever had a system reaction or anaphylaxis ". Your medical records should/will back that up with proof. Best of luck! Remember if this was easy, everybody would do it. Let us know how things go for you.
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    Personal statement DQ

    They are looking for at detailed description of what your activity level has been with regards to what the DQ is for. Be very specific about what you do for physical activity. In particular did you or are you participating in sports and at what level? They are trying to determine whether your...
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    VMI or The Citadel?

    If you intend to commission, take the time to look into ROTC scholarships which can greatly reduce out of state costs.
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    Still hope?

    TWE here in CT......Looks like DS was far from alone. Thanks to everyone who emphasized from the beginning the need for Plan B, Plan C, Plan D, etc. It is so very vital!!! DS followed the advice and will attend VMI with NROTC-MO scholarship. A pretty sweet Plan B if you ask me. My point being...
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    Medical coverage

    If DS graduates from a NROTC college and has completed OCS, then has a gap of time while he waits for TBS, when would medical insurance start? Would it be upon graduation or the start if TBS? TIA
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    Navy ROTC Class of 2022

    1. Ex.BT.USN / DD / Feb 22 / GWU / Tier 3 2. Amazed/DD/Feb 22/ undecided/Tier 1 3. parentofhopeful/DS/Dec 17/VMI/Tier 1
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    VMI financial aid

    On the website search Institute Scholars program. It is fairly selective and interviews need to be completed by something like March 15. Good luck!
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    VMI financial aid

    It should be noted that there are additional scholarships available, by application and interview, through the VMI Institute scholars program that can be used for room and board.
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    VMI financial aid

    I called VMI Financial Aid today regarding DS. Was told that the VMI Local scholarship will "go away" if there is a ROTC scholarship. Regarding what Falcon A states above with tuition OR room & board, since we are out of state, we will go with the tuition being paid :) instead!
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    Summer Seminar Arrival times

    DS went to Summer Seminar last year and took the SATs at Annapolis High School as we are from out of state and he couldn't take them AND travel to USNA. After he was done with SATs we were able to go into town and have a leisurely lunch. I don't recall the exact reporting time but I do remember...
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    VMI Rat Mass 2019+3 (Class of 2022) Appointment Thread

    New VMI Appointment Thread for Rat Mass 2019+3 1. Mw8997, DS, Columbia, TN, AROTC, Mechanical Engineering. 2. sad16480, DS, Kennett Square, PA, AROTC, Mechanical Engineering 3. GoArmy2022, Self, IN-02, (AROTC?), Psychology 4. parentofhopeful, DS, CT, NROTC- MO, Mechanical Engineering
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    NROTC Marine Option Stats

    DS stats. Selected first board. Hope this helps someone else ! 1410 SAT (took SAT 5 times, improving each time, the board likes to see someone try, try again) 3.75 GPA unweighted 5 on 2 AP tests All honors/AP courses 4 years National Honor Society 2 years Math Honor Society 2 years Sports...
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    NROTC Marine Option

    Yes, DS got the call from his recruiting officer yesterday.
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    Nomination Dilemma

    Would someone else benefit?
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    Nomination Dilemma

    Months ago, when DS filled out his MOC applications, he put down USMMA as his second choice. He has not and will not be applying there. Prior to his MOC interviews, he decided he only wanted USNA and if that didn't work out, he would pursue Plan B, Plan C etc. When he went to his second MOC...
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    DS called DODMERB for his remedial questions and they were actually very helpful. They won't move things along for you but they can certainly answer your questions! Giving them a call will answer your specific questions for his specific case. God luck!
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    Congrats to OP and your son! Wondering if it was Marine Option? Has anyone heard from NROTC - Marine Option?