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    Pull Ups

    Couldn't get that website to work...?
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    Plebe summer questions

    usna1985 -- I agree. My mother always tried to get me to read the paper, but I was a little too into novels at the time (and in middle school) so the big ol' world didn't seem much of a concern to me... Or not until I moved across the world. Now I wonder why American papers don't cover enough...
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    I got hurt...

    Ditto to all of the above. I got treated for my minor back problem and it wasn't a big deal.... but had I waited? Who knows.
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    Telling your parents

    That's one of the reasons I held of telling my parents I was applying for a little bit; I didn't want anyone to sway my opinion. My mom prodded me on it a little through the application process after she found out (Are you suuuuuuure? every once in a while), but my dad was completely silent on...
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    If you DON'T go to NASS . . .

    I didn't even know I wanted to go to Naval Academy when NASS applications were out, so I missed out entirely. I worried a little since people I talked to that seemed so confident were NASSers, but I got an appointment in the end, so where's the harm?
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    "Thank you, we're very proud..."

    Zaphod & raimius Thank you for the support! Even though I feel relieved that I have the appointment in my hands, I still worry! If I make it through the physical demands, will I get through the academics? And will I be able to juggle all the demands that I am expected to handle? I am well...
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    I-Day is Approaching Fast

    Native Texan -- I take that back then. Less trouble is to be found on a SA campus...?
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    For athletes' parents

    All athletics at the SAs are under NCAA, so I imagine (not entirely sure) all the same comforts athletes of any other D1 school get are given to athletes at SAs. This includes free gear (uniform/warm-ups/few articles of extra team clothing), free travel, free rooming, minimal meal expenses. It...
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    "Thank you, we're very proud..."

    My family is sort of new to this as well. My mother had/has great skepticism about my decision. She prayed I wouldn't apply again because, "I knew you'd probably get in." She's confident in my abilities, but she'd never lie to me about how she feels. She was hoping some Ivy League would sway...
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    Back Again

    Hey LMilew! You mind me asking you were you go to school? (PM me if you don't want to publicly post.) I'm also competitive in XC/T&F. Something that will give you a boost is getting permission from your college/NCAA to begin transfer dialog with other colleges; get your current coach on...
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    I-Day is Approaching Fast

    Your kids will miss you, but in most cases the best part of college is getting some time away. And at least at a service academy you KNOW your kid isn't getting into all sorts of trouble! :shake: Rest a little easier knowing that!
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    I-Day is Approaching Fast

    My BGO gave me the evil eye when I even hinted at spring fever. Crack down guys, the studying you do now will benefit you for your placement exams. And let's be honest -- who DOESN'T want to be able to get rid of at least one class to lighten the already tough load?
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    From one Academy to another

    I did the whole wait-a-year-reapply from a civilian college and succeeded. There is no reason why you shouldn't have the same luck. That said, most people who have a NROTC at their school find little reason to transfer.
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    Telling your parents

    I had already sent in my nomination applications and I was sitting on it for a couple days. My mom is the guardian of all things concerning us, so it was her I had to tell. And she is the only person in the world that I am deathly afraid of (something I'm sure my cadre will be happy to change...