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    CGA Still Number One!

    tsk...tsk.....that sounds like an attempt to deceive.................
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    What's the new annex?

    I believe the newest section is E Annex - that's where my Cadet lives.
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    care packages

    Go to the Parents' Assn website If you go to the CGA website - then click the link to the Parents' Association website (links of interest - bottom left corner). On that website there is a Parent Resources/FAQ link. All information on the FAQ page is helpful - but under the area of Mail and...
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    Challenge of The Guardian

    Challenge of the Guardian begins/ends today? Is it week-long or has it changed? Congrats to the Class of 2014!
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    Billet Night Tonight!

    Objee--will you be posting the list of 2011 billets as you have in previous years?
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    Coast Guard Academy superintendent to retire

    That's too bad - my Cadet is 2012, and we were really hoping Rear Adm. Burhoe would still be there for his commencement/commissioning. But, best of luck to him on whatever lies ahead. From everything we've seen and heard, he seems to have done great things at the Academy and for the Corps of...
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    Girl/Boyfriend & Rday

    We did not bring the significant other to RDay (very good decision for the reasons stated by previous posters), but did for Mystic Flag, which was a very difficult day also. They see a more reserved individual, who seemed to be always looking over their shoulder for cadre, unable to make a...
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    Cadets do you understand the time commitment?

    LITS - what exactly is the difference for graduates of the USCGA?
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    USCGA Cadet Dining Services

    My Cadet spent the night at Annapolis a few weeks ago--he said the food was horrible, close to not even being edible. He commented how much he appreciates the CGA food now!
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    Calculus?! the plebe-killer

    Calc 3 (unsure of official title) was not a required course, but that's what was between Calc 2 and Prob/Stats
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    package from admissions

    65 days until commencement but who's counting.......................
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    Calculus?! the plebe-killer

    Son scored 5 on AP Calc test, then tested out and was enrolled in Calc II first semester (at another SA). Did okay, but admitted he could have benefited more from Calc I again, in the college environment. Calc III was a killer for him - didn't catch on to the teaching style of the instructor...
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    SA Loan

    I believe the current 2/c Cadets were able to apply for a $32,000 loan at around 1.25% interest rate. Not sure of the repayment terms of the loan.
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    Christmas gifts

    Some ideas to ponder (if they don't already have) - good, small digital camera, flat screen computer monitor for use with their laptop, printer, noise cancelling headphones, subwoofer, small digital picture frame, their State flag to hang outside their room, magazine subscription (magazine drive...
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    Culumbus Day weekend?

    sorry, meant to say they normally return on Monday afternoon/evening.
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    Culumbus Day weekend?

    Normally, 4/c Cadets (barring any military/sports obligation) have Liberty on Columbus Day weekend - beginning after last military obligation on Friday, and ending on Sunday. In 2010, Columbus Day weekend happens to also be Parents' Weekend, expect things to be different, as there is usually a...
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    Decisions, Decisions

    This "savings account" where they put your $$$ (over $500 from your white card), is that referred to as the "guardian" account?
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    R day is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All the best to you at the USNA!!!!!
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    R-Day things again

    Last year, my swab wore the sneakers that he planned to wear for Swab summer. The clothes from swab summer were locked away with the backpack and other unnecessary things in the trunk room - they came home at the Holiday break in December.