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    CIS Class of 2021

    @USMA96 i am having the same problem....would you mind sending me the link to it?
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    Class of 2021 USNA Appointment Thread

    Wow...the day has come. Although not a direct appointment, I was appointed to NAPS for c/o 2018. I cannot thank you all enough for the unwavering support and sage advice you have provided me during this journey. I consider you all to be my great big web-family, and I cannot wait to embark on...
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    What does CPR even mean at this point?

    My BGO came to my house and did a "dual interview" if you will. He had a nice discussion with my parents and allowed them to ask any and all questions while I was in a different room. After, I was brought in and had the official interview conducted with my BGO. I'm from MD-07 and I know a lot...
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    Amount Of Candidates Left

    MD-07 CPR
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    Finally Got the E-mail

    Do not be discouraged after receiving the all had fantastic rides and made it farther than most. Go kill it at your Plan B, I'm sure you will do great. Hit it hard, and reapply next year. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.
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    When does USNA start sending out TWE?

    I keep going by the phrase "no news is good news"...still waiting to find out on my predicament!! But very anxious to hear something nevertheless
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    NASS Physical Reqirements

    Can't recommend Stew Smith enough! Great guy, trained my older brother all summer last year. I had the great opportunity of attending NASS and he actually led PEP one morning! Other, than that, your kid seems like a fantastic candidate. I wish him the best of luck in gaining admissions to a...
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    Try Again

    If I don't get appointed this year, I have my plan B all lined up and ready to reapply for c/o 2022! "Hold the vision, trust the process"
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    MD appointments

    Do you know how long it takes for the board of admissions to make a decision after he has submitted the slate?
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    MD appointments

    Anyone hear anything about USNA from MD? I received a nom from Congressman Cummings, wondering when I will hear back if I won the slate or not!
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    Maryland Nominations - Class of 2021

    Good to see another guy from Cummings' district on the forum! Im still waiting as well man.
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    Triple Q'ed with nomination

    I just recently heard back (Friday) that I was qualified academically for the Naval Academy. I am being recruited for the sport of gymnastics, and the coach let me know that I had been triple qualified. I received a congressional nomination back in early December. The coach and my B&G told me...