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    Prep w/o nom...........

    In total, don't know. I do know of at least one in this years graduating class. It's possible, if that's your question.
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    Naval Academy Preparatory School 2011-2012 Acceptances!

    Congratulation to all of you headed to NAVSTA Newport reporting for duty to officer training command NAPS! After you put in your daily run start practicing writing 26 July 2011 at 0900. :thumb: All the best to the NAPS Class of 2012.
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    Summer Seminar Admissions

    I just took a look at the instructions...the first instruction reads "NOTE: Please use Internet Explorer to fill out this application." I also noticed that I needed to allow the 'trusted' site to get past the firewall. Good luck.
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    Summer Seminar Admissions

    steph and scuby, I'm not really sure what's going on there, but I can tell you from our experience the portal responds better to IE then it does to FF or other web browsers. Try Internet Explorer. Then try calling the Admin Office for assistance. They are keen to take calls from interested...
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    Blue and Gold interview

    u89, I think it's a part of growing up, if you will. The process is usually very new to a high school student (exceptions of course). A few things I learned watching the process from my side (parent) is that, as has been stated, the BGO is like a Human Resources representative, they may be...
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    Questionable letter?

    Kris, you can't win it if you're not in it! (that will be you're new mantra) Now for your next freak-out, stay healthy, run some, keep out of trouble, and when you show up for I-day, give it all you got! Oh, and run some. Your story sounds a lot like my DS's. He threw his name in the hat and...
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    Naval Academy Preparatory School 2011-2012 Acceptances!

    it's never too late, even if you wait until next well at NAPS and your appoint is waiting. It's a good transition from what your doing now to what you'll be doing then. Stay healthy, run, and stay out of trouble. Congratulations and best of luck to you. :thumb:
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    Naval Academy Preparatory School 2011-2012 Acceptances!

    ccryle11, I can't say when the class of 2012 reports, but the class of 2011 reported for active duty to NAPS-NAVSTA Newport at 0900 on 27 July 2010. Stay in good physical shape (run, push ups, you know..) and stay out of trouble! Oh, and bring some warm under armor, it's really nice on the...
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    What does "board qualified" Mean

    and probably won't believe what she has to go through to graduate either! :eek:
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    Is it this quiet for everybody?

    ColtDad, here's what I did.... understand that there are well over 15,000 applicants (numbers and seriousness of applicants vary). Some have gotten a LOA, others a TWE. If your DS hasn't received either you are still in the run. Stay loose, work the DoDMERB end, and stay in shape, don't get...
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    New Jersey Noms?

    DS just received the phone call and nomination to USNA 2015, Holt D-12 (Plainsboro). :yllol: Congratulations to him and the other nine. :thumb:
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    SEAL Commandment

    very impressive service record, but 'highest common rank seals usually reach in a 25 year span', probably not. cooper1234 could be the next though, RADM Cooper, service record includes NSW (SEALS) and tours in ...:thumb:
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    very stupid question

    I've always thought it was an acronym for Dependent Son, but this link states it means Dear Son/ Dear Spouse. Book mark it for the next person with the first 'stupid question' to ask..... :thumb: then you are redeemed!
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    How many students at NAPS

    Z, I know about 302 students were 'enrolled' at NAPS on I-day. At the end of I-day 298 students found their racks in Ripley Hall. I don't know how many were offered admissions via NAPS. It is a fairly exclusive group considering the number a applications making their way through the process.
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    Workout Suggestions?

    try this then try to relax some, enjoy your friends, and yes, your parents! You'll need their support too. See if you can find a friend up to the challenge to share the pain with. Then stay out of trouble. Good luck in your...
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    Head injury and surgery to remove varicocele vein. Am I DQed?

    Lynpar, my preference would be to put DoDMERB into Congress and Larry heading it up. Then things would get done! Mr. Mullen for President! <just kidding, but not by much> :shake:
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    should I call?

    Nick, my DS did receive the dreaded "Dear John" letters from the nominating MOC's, but not until after January. I think they (should) follow up either way.
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    Too Fat =(

    bj, you are getting some good advice from the other posters. Here's what I can add (FWIW). My DS did attend NASS (he's a skinny soccer kid). Some awards were distributed at the conclusion of his group. One kid, fitting your description, was awarded the "most improved Candidate award". My...
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    Triple Q'd But Worried

    I sometimes think the application process is designed to sort out those not quite as interested as first thought. As it should be. Also, marciemi, it's been said many times to me by my M/C, "as long as you've done everything you can first, they will help find a resolution to your issue"...
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    Mocs noms and NAPS

    simple answer, No. The current Midshipman Candidates at NAPS just went through their 2010 nomination interviews.