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    Wait List Email

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    Plan B assistance requested

    My DS along with many other bright and talented students received a TWE from the Naval Academy in late March as well as the NROTC this week. However, he received a type 7 AFROTC scholarship that he will convert to a 3 year Type 2 scholarship at either Embry Riddle-Daytona or University of...
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    NROTC Netfocus

    I believe it is because next year's applications have opened. Try this link
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    Finally Got the E-mail

    My DS got his TWE today. I have such profound respect for him as well as all of the fine young men and women who have endeavored to pursue a dream. Best of luck to those who are still CPR. And for those that have been denied, chin up, and know that much success awaits you!
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    I-Day Medical

    My DS is still CPR and we are keeping our fingers crossed. However, if he does get appointed, will he be required to bring all of his medical records with him on I-day or just proof of vaccinations? He is already medically qualified but was remedial for a past leg injury that he had to provide...
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    My standings as a ROTC candidate. What are my chances of being accepted into any branch?

    I agree with @kinnem 100%. My DS also has a strong desire to serve. When he applied to USNA, USCGA, and NROTC, I suggested that he apply for the AFROTC being that he also wants to fly. He was very reluctant and said "why bother? The Air Force has very high standards." Guess what? So far, he...
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    CPR Update for Lower Hudson NY

    Phew! DS is on the south shore. Thanks.
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    CPR Update for Lower Hudson NY

    Did she say what district on Long Island she was from or who her nomination source was? DS is still CPR on Long Island.
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    NROTC Suny Maritime regimented experience...

    @NavyNOLA ... Would you mind elaborating a little as to why the students you dealt with transferred out of the Maritime schools ? Also, could you elaborate about the "environments" ? My DS, like many others, is formulating his Plan B, C and D. SUNY Maritime is one of his possible choices and I...
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    Am i screwed?

    My mother always taught me "the squeaky wheel gets oiled first". I cannot say whether you are "screwed" or not. However, I would IMMEDIATELY see your principal today and explain your dilemma. Your English teacher is a disgrace. It is part of a high school teacher's job, if not a moral...
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    Urgent Application Question

    My DS had his transcript mailed on Halloween and it did not post to his application until five weeks later on 12/06.
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    AFROTC 2017 Selections

    Congratulations ! My DS just received an e-mail offering him a Type 7 scholarship. Good luck to all who are patiently waiting.
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    @Motorguy My DS informed me that Schumer was still holding interviews late last week. Stating the obvious, but he has until Tues 1/31 to submit his slate. Hang in there !
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    NROTC Board Review Schedule

    @Anchor7 Just wondering about the SAT, ACT, GPA scores because my DS had his application submitted in early November and has been passed over by a couple of boards already. Curiosity is getting the best of me. He has good alternatives already lined up but I am trying to get a feel for his...
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    NROTC Board Review Schedule

    @Anchor7 Congratulations to your DS ! My DS is also awaiting news from the NROTC and is also from NY-LI region. Can you provide any stats from your DS application ? Curiosity is getting the best of us and like everyone else, we are wondering what his chances of selection might be.
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    Nomination Ceremony Question...

    Without a doubt, your DS made the right decision. As a Captain of his team, he not only performs on the field, but off of it as well. He is a leader and motivator of his teammates and they look to him for inspiration and guidance. These are the exact qualities and attributes that the service...
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    Boxhead/DS/waitlisted/ 12/21
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    USCGA 2021 Appointments

    Boxhead/DS/Waitlist/Dec 21, 2016 Best wishes to everyone who submitted an application ! Accepted, Rejected or should all be proud of yourselves for attempting to get into such a competitive school and wanting to serve your country. You all make me proud to be an American