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    USPSA - United States Public Service Academy ?!

    Honestly, this sounds like a good idea, but after reading through the site, there's way too many holes in the plan to make this happen, and their "ideal student" examples want to make me retch. I thought I'd probably take a positive stance on this, but I guess I couldn't. While I'm sure it has...
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    vmi will be marching in the innaugral parade

    That's awesome! I know they tried signing VWIL up, but by the way you slaughtered us on that parade before Christmas break, you guys definitely deserve it! We'll be watching! :)
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    No, we don't but my hair's so short and ratty-looking I wouldn't be surprised if you mistook me for one of your own. :shake: As you said to me, hopefully we'll see each other in our NROTC labs. :thumb:
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    I'll be in VWIL next year, so I'm a little worried about relations between the VWIL cadets and female rats. Are they good, bad, ugly, so-so? *chews fingernails nervously*
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    I have been accepted as a nULL of Mary Baldwin College's VWIL program in the class of 2012. I know there has been a little bit of debate about whether it is a senior military college or not and I can tell you it is considered on. Just like Texas A&M and Virginia Tech's Corps of Cadets program...