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    I-Day is Approaching Fast

    Training is everyone's responsibility. It has such a negative connotation here. There are ways to do it and ways not to do it. In my view, we're all on the same team here and training is not just restricted to the 4/c. We're here to make better officers out of each other, not better...
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    How am I heading

    You'll find that many people who originally go out for sports here are quite talented, but have trouble committing the time necessary to continue. In my case, I ended up getting sick a few times and had an injury and couple that with the fact that I'm not the most outstanding student- it led me...
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    Plebe summer questions

    You'll get to rest on Sundays from PEP, but you only get to sleep in for an hour until 7:00, I believe. You get about 3 or 4 hours on Sunday to do as you wish in your room or to go to church. Plebes live for Sundays as it is the only time you can really relax. During the Ac-Year, you will...
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    I-Day is Approaching Fast

    I echo what MIDNDAD siad to you. Really, you've got all your chickens in the USNA basket so to speak, so these next 60 days should be your most enjoyable, but cautious days of your life. Make sure that you do have fun though, but don't go making a fool of yourself before you even get here...
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    Thin envelope- waitlisted

    Reading some of these messages is heartbreaking especially when I consider myself one of the lucky ones to be here. I thought that if anything, I was destined for NAPS if I had any shot at getting in here. One message to anyone out there: No matter who you are, you can never bank on getting...
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    How am I heading

    You're on the right track so far. Ball sports are hard to get involved with at USNA unless you're a standout. If you're not varsity now in any ball sport, chances are you won't be playing them here, honest truth. Soccer will help you with your running ability. Honestly, I was on of the best...
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    What happens when a plebe enters with scholarship money?

    It depends. I won a $5000 scholarship myself before USNA. If you take it to Navy Federal, you could probably deposit that money right into his personal account just like I did after plebe summer. USNA would not integrate that money into his issue because that is broken incrementally and...
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    I-Day is Approaching Fast

    Running is a vital part of plebe summer, so get in good running shape. The class of 2009 has a reputation for being "lax" in some companies, but plebe summer will be no easy feat. Conversely, the class of 2010 is known as a bunch of "Joes" and will be waiting for 2012 during the ac-year. Take...