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    DODMERB waiver denied

    Hello all, I have a 3 year type 7 scholarship for the Air Force and just graduated high schools. My waiver for AFROTC just got denied (I had a recurrent pneumothorax a little shy of 2 years ago that was then fixed with surgery). So now that it was denied, what now? Can I fight it? Who do I talk...
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    AFROTC Pneumothorax

    It was the same lung, collapsed about 1 cm. My doctor was unsure if it was even a collapse. I didn’t have pneumonia just an awful cough that I waited too long to get treated. The CT scan was otherwise normal. September my treatment was “Left Thoracoscopy with Pleurodesis and Wedge Resection...
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    AFROTC Pneumothorax

    Hey all, about a year ago I had a Spontaneous pneumothorax and resolved it with surgery. About a month ago, I got really sick and had a very minor collapse that initially went unnoticed on X-Rays. I later talked to my surgeon from my initial surgery and got a CT scan that showed the lung as all...
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    AFROTC medical disqualification (pneumothorax)

    About a year and a half ago I had a spontaneous pneumothorax (in short, it was caused by my height and high growth rate). I had surgery to fix it and so far everything has been perfectly fine, I’m fit, play sports, and according to the Major I interviewed with I would have passed the PFT with...