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    Received appointment... and an F+ in calculus

    So I assume this means it’s not the same at West Point? Hopefully he gets a final grade of C but it’s a music class-not an academic class. He has straight A’s for every single class through all 4 years and his senior classes all be A’s except for this one. I want to clobber him too just like mom3boys!
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    Received appointment... and an F+ in calculus

    To piggy back on this old thread...what about getting a D+ in a noncore elective? He has received his appointment. I’m paranoid but DS doesn’t seem concerned. He wanted to concentrate on getting straight A’s in all his other AP classes. It most likely would not affect his overall GPA too much...
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    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    My son got his rejection from Toomey yesterday explaining that they do not double nominate and since he got a nomination from our congressman that he will not be receiving another nomination. My question is, out of PA 16 congressional districts, there will be 160 kids nominated through their...
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    Anyone with a 3Q?

    I thought 3Q included the MOC nomination? Seems early for that
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    Driving/Drop off for NASS

    The instructions state that we cannot park on the grounds do most people drive in to drop off or do they walk through Gate 1? How far is Dahlgren Hall from Gate 1? I picture slowing the car down just enough for him to be able to jump out
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    SLE and NASS... same week

    My son had his week changed for NASS in a couple of days. When he applied he put session 2 as his first choice but they assigned him to first session. He didn't feel bad for requesting the change to match his original request. Just ask quick before the next round of offers go out.
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    SLE acceptance emails are going out!

    There are some forms that need to be filled out plus the money. That all needs to be received and processed before a week will be assigned.
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    SLE acceptance emails are going out!

    We're in the NE, maybe its by region?
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    West Point SLE 2017

    My son will be going to SLE and he loves that he will be able to do his CFA while there. It will be nice to get that done
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    SLE acceptance emails are going out!

    He applied on the 17th. His stats are SAT 1450, GPA 4.8, 2 varsity sports, lots of ECs, 3 leadership positions. He's thrilled!
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    SLE acceptance emails are going out!

    My son just received his SLE acceptance email! Good luck to everyone!
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    SLE 2017 Notification

    I can't seem to find the link to complete the SLE Application? I completed the questionnaire, i'm logged in with my ID. The information page has "After finishing Part I, applicants interested in SLE must submit Part II (Workshop/Week Preference) in order to compete for an SLE offer. The SLE...