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    Look out for class of 2027 BFE ( big fat envelope) in mail

    DS accepted his appointment April 24, but we haven't received the acceptance package yet. He did receive an email confirming the USCGA got his SS card and Birth Certificate and he received the background check which he completed. We are waiting for additional information, correct? Thanks in...
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    USCGA Class of 2027 Appointment List

    1)T37IP/ DS / 23 Nov 22 / Declined / Direct 2) snshsfsg/Self/23 Nov 22/Undecided/Direct 3) mkincer14/Self/ 23 Nov 22/ ORDA/MD/Undecided/ DoDMERB Conditional/Direct 4) MajMartin/DD/23 Nov 22/Declined/Direct 5) swimmom816/ DS/22 Nov 22/MES/Ohio/ Accepted /Direct 6) HSSenior2023/Self/25 Nov 22/...
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    Any appointments yet?

    Status changed today for DS and I checked late yesterday, so I was surprised. Conditional acceptance - we knew he would need a medical waiver
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    Hi! We’ve heard that the CFA score received at USNA summer seminar can be used on the USAFA application, but we can’t figure out how that works. Does anyone know?