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    Any questions for a freshman?

    I think this should probably get cleared up. It does not matter what color your underwear is. We don't care and we sure aren't going to be checking so bring whatever is comfortable and works for you.
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    Answering questions for C/O 2022

    Your class schedule for the first couple of semesters will be almost entirely core and depends a lot on which courses you validate coming in. Typically, 4 degrees start with 4-5 classes a semester. For me, I took English, German, Computer Science, Chemistry, and Calc II last semester, and then...
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    Answering questions for C/O 2022

    I'll preface this by saying I don't know that much about the baseball program here, but if your son wants to potentially play intercollegiate baseball, I would recommend that he talk with the coaches beforehand. It is highly, highly unlikely that they would recruit someone out of intramurals.
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    Answering questions for C/O 2022

    Cadets can typically play whichever intramural sport they want, although this can be squadron dependent. Each squadron is responsible for fielding 4 different teams for each of the 4 sports so if everyone in squad wants to do the same one or two sports, obviously some people won't get their...
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    Double Language Minor

    No, USAFA offers eight languages. Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese.
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    Essay for nomination

    You should be fine with single spaced. My congressman had the same requirement and I did it in singled spaced with no complaints.
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    Foreign Language

    Actually, the admissions page recommends "two years of a modern foreign language". (Fifth bullet point under prior academic record). Now again, not the end all, be all. Latin still does provide a solid...
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    Foreign Language

    The academy will use foreign language to calculate your GPA (at least they did for me) so continue trying to do well. One class, one semester, isn't the end all, be all, so I wouldn't get too worked up over this. Also, I'm not entirely certain, but I don't think the academy views Latin as a...
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    TV Commercial

    This may be a bad idea, but I think there are a lot (A LOT) of various statistics and statements being thrown out with very little understanding by either parties and some consensus should be achieved. I'll try to keep this brief, as the longer the post is, the more people seem to skim and this...
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    Preliminary Application Timeline

    I think your good. When I applied last year, my application updated to competitive about a week or so after I submitted it, and then the full application was released in early July. Best of luck;)
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    Placement exam link

    Also, this letter was on the site. It talks about placement and AP Scores.
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    Placement exam link

    Here you go. Hope it worked. Weird that the link is down, it worked a couple weeks ago.
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    Update to MiCare registration (Appointee Kit)

    Figured out why the updated flyer wasn't working. They did change the URL on the new flyer, but they never adjusted the hyperlink. So if someone (me ;)) just clicked the hyperlink and never paid attention to the URL on the page it sent you to, you still went to the defective page. :bang:
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    Any Smaller States?

    With all due respect, I believe your argument is a little flawed. As this link shows, , the average amount of people per congressional representative runs at about 700k nationally, meanwhile a state like Wyoming has only about...
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    Spanish II

    I think this is quite an inappropriate comparison. I have been blessed with knowing many talented and hard-working individuals that went on to work at their family farms and have led successful lives. These people simply had different strengths and interests than what others, such as your...
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    Just Wondering

    Requirements. Oops
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    Just Wondering

    I would say just let it go. If the academy needs something from you, they will let you know. Just hold tight and keep waiting. Also, I believe tuna is a college applicant and may have different re
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    USAFA Class of 2021 Appointments

    Right at the top where it has your status (it should say "Appointee"), there should be a link saying "click here to accept or decline this offer." Has your portal updated yet?
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    Principal Nominations

    I had received a principal nom towards the end of November and was appointed at the end of December. That's just my experience and it may be different for each person. Good luck, hope you hear back soon!
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    USAFA Class of 2021 Appointments

    1. flyingbadger21/Self /No LOA /Appt. Oct. 30, 2016 /WI- POTUS/Presidential Nomination 2. padre101/DS/No LOA/Appt. Oct. 30 2016/VA - POTUS/Presidential Nomination 3. KTMDad/DD/No LOA/Appt. Nov 12, 2016/CA - POTUS/Presidential Nomination 4. cc17/self/No LOA/Appt. Nov. 13, 2016/CT / Senator Murphy...