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    Ways to distract from thinking about admission

    Spend time with your family. That is one thing you will miss the most. The kid above is right too, but do not waste time around those who will miss you the most.
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    AFROTC Experience

    I have enjoyed every moment of my experience with ROTC thus far and am thankful I had it prior to receiving my appointment, and below are benefits I have gathered throughout my first year. 1. Opportunity to really stick out. Rather than being in a class of ~1000 cadets, my detachment had...
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    AFROTC Experience

    I recently received an appointment to the USAFA c/o '22, however, I have also spent a year at a local college taking part in AFROTC. If there are any candidates out there who are weighing between USAFA and AFROTC or have been denied by USAFA and would like to know more about AFROTC, I would be...
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    Forms in the 2022 Appointment Booklet

    My portal is doing the same as kswarcher's.
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    USAFA Class of 2022 Appointment Thread

    USAFA Class of 2022 Appointments: 1) usafamax / Self / LOA / 24-Nov-17 / Undecided / CO / Congressional & JROTC Honor Unit With Distinction / Direct Appointment 2) fnafgg / DD / No LOA / 21-Nov-17 / Accepting / MD / Presidential / Direct Appointment 3) boiler26 / DS / No LOA / 15-Nov-17 /...
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    Hey everyone, I am currently in my first year of college and I am part of the AFROTC detachment on campus. I love it, and I have exceled greatly at it over the course of the year so far. I will soon have the chance to accept a 3.5 year scholarship through the program as well as be accepted to...
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    Nomination and Appointment

    Anything helps! I received a call from him this morning and he seemed quite confident in my file, but I am not sure where exactly I fall on his slate.
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    Nomination and Appointment

    I received my congressman's nomination this morning, and was wondering about how long will it be now until I find out if I will receive an appointment or not. Everything is complete, including Dodmerb and college transcripts. Thanks!
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    Chances of Getting an Appointment

    Thank you! My state is TN, so more east coast.
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    Chances of Getting an Appointment

    Yes, I have applied for the ROTC nomination. Also, I don't know how relevant it is for the academy as it is for ROTC, but my current major is Civil Engineering.
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    Chances of Getting an Appointment

    Hey everyone. With the average appointment timeline approaching (Feb-Mar), I have become more curious whether or not my chances of getting an appointment are reasonable as a current freshman in college. If anyone who has experience could let me know, that would be awesome! -4.0 unweighted/4.3...