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    Can you branch active then change?

    DS had a very good meeting with the Cadre - all the leadership. Some outstanding advice and at the end of the day 'Yes' he can change AD to another component. This summer has been a great time to just hear him out and listen to his thoughts and understand his motivations. Taking in a lot of...
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    Can you branch active then change?

    Great information and feedback! Tyvm!
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    Can you branch active then change?

    DS has a meeting with ROO early next week. Looking at options to switch from AD to Reserves due to job offers. Is this an option? Any information would be appreciated. Could not find any clear answers on the forum. Thank you in advance.
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    Wrong commissioning date - Question

    Thank you for the response and 'Yes' to the two questions and I did as you suggested. Discussed with cadre and they made the change in TBB on 9/5. I reached out to support via email yesterday to get their input on the date change and when it will be reflected and if the interviews will be...
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    Wrong commissioning date - Question

    Long story short - Two branch interviews left and since 9/1 the interview link is gone from my TBB home page. Long weekend/Holiday I email TBB support with cadre copied and wait to find out what is going on. Find out my commission date was changed. Instead of 12/23 they had 12/24 in system...
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    Mom questions about Army branching

    Had an interesting conversations with son just a bit ago. He is putting his branch listing into the portal (starting to) and let me know that OML doesn't 'really' matter any longer just the interviews - at least that is what he was told. He already had advanced camp and received an 'O', top %...
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    ROTC Tuition Reimbursement

    Just reaching out to better understand if anyone has any information on the tuition reimbursement for ROTC cadets? Specifically, my DS did not get reimbursed for last quarter and I've read about the Army IgniteED platform being involved. Does anyone have any insight? Perhaps any of the ROO's...
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    CAC Card Question

    Thank you for the clarification and additional info. Makes complete sense now!
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    CAC Card Question

    Just to follow-up : DS called earlier in the week and again today. Both times told he is an E-5 but not contracted. I got on the hoot and spoke to a SGT on a third call and noted DS has received several payments/stipend already so he is active by Cadet Commands perspective. She put me on hold...
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    CAC Card Question

    DS is contracted a few months ago for his 3 year scholarship. The ROO states everything is in order and they have asked him to go to the base(s) and get his CAC card. He has gone and has called and the base CAC personnel say, 'You are listed as a reservist and your contract is not active.' We...
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    Dealing With SA Regret

    I had a similair conversation with my son this entire year. His friends are at USMA and Annapolis. One cadet basically took his spot per our congressmen. That being said, myself (his father) had a harder time accepting him not attending an SA or a prep school for an SA. He lives with his choice...
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    PMS Interview Tips: What to ask them

    Son had his PMS at a University not to far away (great school by the way). Incredible experience. Two Col's, Cyber and Air came up to me after the interview. "We asked what he wanted to do in the Army. He said Sapper and Ranger, maybe Special Forces." The Col's went on and then asked him, "You...
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    question about choosing my major (AROTC)

    My DS and the ROO at his school spoke to the contracted personnel. If you change majors and it extends your college term they may or may not allow it. For example, at Cal Poly, if I remember correctly - Engineering is a 4 year degree however it is actually a 5 year college term based on...
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    Clemson AFROTC or Univ of San Diego NROTC?

    Son applied to and was accepted to USD. Great school, good program overall, good location for the most part. It provides a more rounded approach, etc. Smaller school, etc. Good friend has a DD at Clemson and just loves it. She is all Clemson! While my DS had some outstanding/great schools to...
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    SA and ROTC - what do you say in interview?

    This is the exact reply you want. 'Wouldn't that be a phenomenal opportunity.' My DS received USMC, AROTC offers and was asked by both PMS interview boards about SA attendance. He replied this exact way and the MC and AROTC boards smiled when he said that. The MC officers were both USNA...
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    PMS Interview

    Once they, Cadet Command, reviews and approves your documents, etc. then they will make the PMS Interview available. I would also recommend, reach out first, taking your APFT while there at the PMS Interview. At least request that. As a matter of fact, my DS did his PMS last year in later July...
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    If I do ROTC in college do I still need to do the ASVAB test to enlisted into the military ?

    ASVAB is for enlisted. Some want to blend it but in hard order or hard line ASVAB is enlisted and enlisted only.
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    If I do ROTC in college do I still need to do the ASVAB test to enlisted into the military ?

    @Jcleppe - Our experience was different. DS took ASVAB to ensure he met certain scores (95+) to qualify and be in the running for NROTC MO. Major and Captain requested it and specifically stated. DS also qualified for Nuke in the Navy. They may have wanted to understand if he was interested in...
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    If I do ROTC in college do I still need to do the ASVAB test to enlisted into the military ?

    @mikemike998 - as long as you commission as an officer. If you do not commission and want to join any branch as an enlisted member than 'yes' you must take the ASVAB. Your college degree does not count.
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    If I do ROTC in college do I still need to do the ASVAB test to enlisted into the military ?

    These are two different routes. Are you enlisting before or after college? Are you attempting ROTC while attending college? If you're going to college and want to attend ROTC and strike for a college level scholarship than 'no' you do not have to take the ASVAB as you will be commissioned (quick...