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    We take mil move and the IOCT Yuk year now.
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    Does my CFA pass at all academies?

    Odd. When I failed my first go, they immediately sent me an email. When I passed, just a green check mark. I suppose your case is an exception. I remember they were still ironing out the kinks to their new website.
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    Does my CFA pass at all academies?

    That’s not true. Navy, Air Force, and West Point have different minimum standards. Navy and Air Force will tell you immediately if you fail however.
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    March Back

    If you buy a fan from the C-store, it’s allowed.
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    electronic devices after plebe year

    An iPad was not a part of the computer package for 2026. Plebes are not supposed to have gaming systems.
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    March Back

    No refrigerators. You’ll have to share the Company fridge. He can buy a box fan at the C-store.
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    BEAST Shower Shoes

    They will issue you shower shoes. They are the only ones that you can use during Beast.
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    International Affairs Major

    Ah, that’s right, my mistake. I know for sure DMI has an SAP to Japan.
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    International Affairs Major

    IA and Chinese double major here. Your son will take a language test with interviews to determine what Chinese class he will be placed in. Taiwan Airborne has not been offered in over a decade. Also, everyone must take a year of language, Yuk or Plebe year, regardless of prior language ability...
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    Placement Exams / Testing Before R-Day...

    I took all my tests prior to R-Day. Class of 2026. There are follow ups for language classes though.
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    West Point question

    Like others have said, Africa sounds great. However, MIADs take precedent so unless he is able to convince the scheduler to trade AA for a later slot, he will have to do AA and give up the AIAD.
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    All Things Beast Barracks

    Getting attention from upperclassmen means that you’ll leave Beast even more physically fit.
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    Is this a disqualifying score?

    The mile may be slightly too low. In addition, sit-ups are cutting it close. Otherwise, good work.
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    Yes you can ask your RC.
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    All Things Beast Barracks

    Please don’t memorize knowledge they don’t ask you to beforehand. Enjoy your last moments at home.
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    Yes it is open to beginners, yes you can join as a plebe and yes it meets the physical activity requirement. Am not on Judo, am on Taekwondo.
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    CFA Scores Pass or Fail?

    Passing scores.
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    when will i get my appointment?

    If you are academically qualified as well.
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    Pre Ranger Course

    They send out a form for you to rank preferences. YMMV when you find out. No more PT tryouts but there are train ups through out the year. Again, depends when your trainups are. No briefings thankfully on upcoming MIADs.
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    Pre Ranger Course

    We also have the MIAD to Sackhere Mountain School (only for Russian speaking male cadets)