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    Army Cadet ID cards

    So…. This thread is from 11 years ago and the OP has probably made O-4 by now. What made you decide to answer it now, Ralph?
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    The Everything Drawer - Everyone has one, right? (post anything - within the rules)

    They need to add a section to the timeline between “get gas” and “bathroom break” that instructs people to move their car away from the gas pump before wandering aimlessly inside for an hour.
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    Can anyone tell me the chances of a waiver?

    History of anxiety disorder with treatment within the past 36 months is disqualifying. No one here can give you the chances of a waiver for that because we aren’t doctors or know what’s in your medical file. The only way you will know is to go through the process and give it your best shot. Good...
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    Navy aircraft overshoots runway and goes into a bay in Hawaii

    From the other photos that I’ve seen of the aircraft, I believe that it is not a crack, but part of an oil-containment boom that is draped over the fuselage.
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    Hi It's Me

    Welcome to the forums. It looks to me like you’ve got a lot of what USAFA is looking for in a candidate. Keep up the good work and focus on those standardized test scores. I did want to say that it’s OK if you only want to apply to USAFA. My oldest son only applied to USAFA because that’s all...
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    Graduating high school early/ benefit?

    What sports does he have on his resume now? 90%+ of appointees have varsity athletic letters for a reason. It’s an important part of the application.
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    Waiver Under Review for USAFA - When to send additional information?

    The phrase “under waiver review” can be confusing. If your status is “under waiver review”, it does not mean that they are reviewing your waiver. It means that they are reviewing your package to determine IF they will request a waiver for you.
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    When do you put up your tree 🌲

    We have never had a standard time to put it up because of our careers and commitments, but there has always a push-pull between Mrs. Stealth and myself. (She watches Hallmark Christmas movies all year, and my spirit animal is named Ebenezer.) This year, I came back to our Wisconsin place last...
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    ALO Interview Concerns

    I would definitely not call daily. Once a week is a good balance of being persistent and not being a PITA.
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    ALO Interview Concerns

    Call weekly.
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    ACL/MCL Injury after Medical Qualification

    Absolutely this. When my oldest son was applying, he found out about his appointment at the end of October with three games to go before state football on an undefeated team. Son had four varsity football letters, and was the starting running back on offense, their safety on defense, and also...
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    Need help from admin

    Your post is now on the forum. Occasionally a post gets flagged for moderator approval for various reason. It has now been approved.
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    YOUR DOGS, CATS & Other Domestic Fauna - Cute, sad, buff or silly

    A shark and a dragon. They refuse to wear the accompanying headpieces, so it makes identification difficult. Full disclosure: I do not blame them one bit for not wearing them. (I can get away with saying that here because Mrs Stealth does not frequent these pages.) 😉
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    YOUR DOGS, CATS & Other Domestic Fauna - Cute, sad, buff or silly

    The pups are ready for Halloween, but they’re actually much more excited about the snow.
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    Disqualified for dyslexia - waiver denied without full medical file

    Since the OP doesn’t mention a scholarship, is it possible that they just took the brief physical at the beginning as an ROTC participant, and is only now doing the DoDMERB process as they will be moving into the upper class ranks next year?
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    How to Improve my Résumé.

    Ouch! 😂
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    Class of 2028 Air Force Academy Candidate Reception invite

    In my opinion you should never pass up an opportunity that is offered.
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    What are the chances my waiver will get overturned?

    So, here is how the process works. After you fill out the health history and have your physical, DoDMERB reviews it and either qualifies you, or disqualifies you per military standards based on those answers. You were disqualified for a history of allergy to tree nuts. DoDMERB doesn’t have...
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    YOUR DOGS, CATS & Other Domestic Fauna - Cute, sad, buff or silly

    My pups are usually not pristinely clean since they spend a lot of time and energy playing down by the river. So today Amos got his heavy-duty spa treatment at the groomer, and he looked so handsome that I had to share a picture.