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  1. Don't Give Up the Ship

    Nomination Confusion/Recruited Athletes

    OP: read @capt. MJ's post (above) more than once. Also the MOC can choose any method he/she wants to qualify a person to be Nominated (interview or not). Perhaps that individual had a conflict and did the interview via Zoom or on an alternative date? I've served on a MOC board where we knew...
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    USNA Admissions Forum in Boston December 8th

    Students of all grades 8-12, college students - USNA Admissions Forum in Boston the day before Navy Wins the Football Game in Foxboro. Talk to Admissions representatives and BGOs. Register on USNA Admissions Events Site...
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    Continue with Nomination Interview after appointment

    OP: contact each SA and ask their preference. Generally USNA Admissions has told BGOs they prefer for candidates to apply for all nomination sources for the flexibly reasons cited above. Go Navy!
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    Two Principal Nominations from the same MOC?

    Learning from the master... @Capt MJ
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    Two Principal Nominations from the same MOC?

    MOC must have had two Cadet spots available to him/her at USAFA this cycle. This creates the ability for that MOC to have two slates for that cycle. Each MOC can have 5 persons attending a DOD SA (charged to that MOC) at any given time. When a Cadet separates the USAFA for any reason, it creates...
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    Some MOCs do not interview, some do by invitation. Some interview all applicants.
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    NWL ---> Acceptence when?

    OP: you need to apply to BOTH U.S. Senators in your state AND the Vice President.
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    Nomination Essay - feedback

    Take a look at the USAFA website, to see if you can bring in some of the USAFA leadership, honor, integrity aspects into your unique story.
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    Superintendent/qualified alternate nominations

    Service Academy Superintendents can nominate "Fifty, at large. Sixty-five children of deceased, 100% disabled, or missing/captured Armed Forces veterans or missing/captured federal civilian personnel." See Congressional Research Service paper link provided above by Capt MJ.
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    USNA portal question

    @TBooter, You posted: "...But, if it's NAPS, that's cool too". Based on the information you have provided regarding your DS Academic profile, he will likely qualify academically. Therefore he would not likely be offered NAPS. Many persons qualify but do not score high enough (WCS) to earn an...
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    USNA portal question

    Your DS doesn't not appear to be a strong NAPS candidate, because his academics appear to be "qualified". NAPS is typically intended for people with deficient academics. Tend to plans B & C.
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    Varsity and CFA

    Being on winning and loosing sports teams teaches many things: Handwork, ethics, leadership, mentoring, how to overcome defeat, time management, decision making under stress....and more. The Navy is a team, the US Military, all branches comprises even a larger team. That plus the physical...
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    Commissioning bottle

    Mills Fine Wine & Spirits. You can't order. The sell them a week or two before graduation on a Saturday. It's Woodbridge Reserve Burbon (good with bacon). First come first serve on a Saturday morning. Line up. Ask a Sponsor to get it. Class crest is engraved. I will drink to that!
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    Its just on the USNA Admissions page.
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    Your best bet to get an accurate answer is to ask USNA Admissions directly. You can do this by communicating directly with them live using the USNA Widget. Check that out here. Click on the connect icon in the top right of the page.
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    Field Force Interview

    For me as a BGO, and all the BGOs I have talked to...we don't care. Yes we want the best of the best...but if he or she goes to USMA or USAFA thats fine. I ask that question only to get a sense of if the Candidate has a Plan A, B, C....All the DOD SA's are good opportunities for the right person.
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    BGO not assigned?

    Yes, he should inform Admissions. Admissions will NOT hold this against him. It shows a strength that he is willing to bring up a valid issue. He should call.
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    All boxes checked off, now what?

    @UnDon0 Nice job ignoring the negative response to your question. That's an indication of a good EQ and a solid leadership trait.