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  1. USMAZoo98

    NWL ---> Acceptence when?

    All I had available to me was the raw data numbers that I shared. I don't have the breakdown per slate. But the numbers I quoted are pretty much right on for the class of 2027. There were more than 1600 offers of admission, so to @Texark147 point above, that means about 300+ candidates offered...
  2. USMAZoo98

    Garmont NFS vs Oakley boots? + Sock recommendations

    My son has a pair of the Garmont Bifidas and a pair of the Oakleys. He likes the Garmonts for the field. But he likes the Oakleys for garrison and road marching because they are very light weight. If you are just going to pick one for for Beast, the Garmonts will probably serve you better. But...
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    NWL ---> Acceptence when?

    Here's a little statistical view of where you stand and your chances: Last year (class of 2027), just over 2000 applicants reached the point that you are at now (3Q + a nomination). Approximately 1275 candidates were accepted into the Class of 2027 from that pool of 2000 applicants. So you are...
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    Falcon Football = 8-0. Next up….. Army

    There is no such thing as a "tie" for the CIC trophy. If there is a three way split, then the current holder of the trophy - Air Force - retains the trophy (essentially as the holder not the winner).
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    Candidate File Qualified

    It means you have checked every block available to be checked to be 3Q at this point. It does not have real bearing on whether or not a nomination is received, although it would not hurt to let the nomination source (or panel) know that you are 3Q. Once a nomination is received, that means you...
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    Academy outreach message

    That's an interesting change. Not a bad idea. Probably a good connection opportunity to the traditional CPRC program.
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    Academy outreach message

    That would generally be unusual unless it is connected to a home visit for the cadet corporal. Many upper class cadets participate in Cadet Public Relations Council (CPRC) visits with prospective candidates when they are home during the Thanksgiving break or before and after Spring Break. If the...
  8. USMAZoo98

    First Appointment

    Curious how this person knows they were the first candidate appointed? Was he/she told that explicitly by West Point or someone from Admissions? From the info I have seen, approximately a month ago, there were about 50 candidates that were fully qualified with a nomination.
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    DoDMERB and Nominations

    There should be no discussion of your medical status in the context of your nomination. Selection/interview committees should not, and almost certainly do not, ask for your feedback on your medical/DODMERB status. Continue to work on your nomination applications and get them submitted (I believe...
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    West Point sued over affirmative action admissions

    And what does "diversity" mean in this context? Seems like we are trying to fix this to one of race as a distinction in qualification. Diversity can also mean geographic representation, or any number of other factors. This lawsuit fits in perfectly with the political movement to drive the "idea...
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    West Point sued over affirmative action admissions

    Yeah, that point seems inevitable anyway. The sad part is that any court decision will more than likely muck up a process that doesn't really need fixing (at least not in this way). There are certainly things in the process that I as a grad and a member of the Field Force wish would be...
  12. USMAZoo98

    Official copy of test scores?

    Each member of Congress should have an official code that is used to send SAT/ACT scores directly to their offices just like all colleges have. That would be what they generally mean by "official." It is not the scores you send them, but the scores sent directly by the College Board.
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    West Point sued over affirmative action admissions

    Just so we are clear, I did not say that there is no affirmative action at West Point or any other military academy. I did suggest that the idea that it is the basis for filling classes is flawed. Affirmative action is not the overriding principal that West Point uses to make appointments. I get...
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    How early should I get them turned in?

    You will not hear back about an interview, if that is how the congressional office conducts the process, until after the formal deadline for nominations for that office passes (usually the end of September or early October). Most offices begin their work on scheduling these things in late...
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    West Point sued over affirmative action admissions

    I guess my quibble with your point is that the candidate pool more broadly has "demonstrably inferior candidates" that are prevalent and tend to be favored in appointment selection. I have spent a lot of time with cadets in recent years, and I would have a hard time picking someone selected for...
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    West Point sued over affirmative action admissions

    I would answer your first question from my point of view as "no it is not discriminatory." It only discriminates against people who think they are, or should be, qualified and don't get offered appointment, so then they believe the process discriminates against them.
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    West Point sued over affirmative action admissions

    The notion that West Point uses affirmative action (as presumed by this lawsuit) to fill out its incoming classes is flawed at best. Since joining the Field Force, I have more visibility in how the process works. The primary takeaway is that West Point (cannot speak to other SAs) does not...
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    Attempting to introduce myself

    Adding to this point, since you are a freshman, you do have time to gain experience and grow with various sports options. I would put in a plug for swimming. My son was never a competitive swimmer, but he worked on his technique in his free time at the YMCA, tried out for the team as a sophomore...
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    Attempting to introduce myself

    I will add a bit of data to the discussion about participating in sports. Out of 1255 cadets admitted for the class of 2027, 1239 participated in varsity sports and nearly 1100 were varsity letter winners (directly from the class profile on the West Point website). So clearly the Academy highly...
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    Future of West Point Writing Requirement

    There is not currently a crystal ball that shows the future of West Point admissions. That being said, if taking the writing portion is a concern, then take the SAT since that has been eliminated from the test. If you don't get a score you are happy with on the SAT and find yourself in a...