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    This story contradicts what it takes to get into USMA, or from the looks of the students pic, USNA. Clearly she did well in high school and the academics were sufficient enough for the student to get into a SA. She probably is in great physical condition, and did very well on her SAT scores...
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    NYC Parents

    NYC Naval Academy Parents’ Club is having its annual Welcome Aboard meeting on June 15th @ 13:00 location Marine Corp League Staten Island . Open to incoming 2023 NYC plebes and families interested in being part of our community. It’s all about support and friendships as our mids maneuver...
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    Induction Day Tips

    Plebe summer, although arduous, goes by quickly. I can only relate my son’s experience. And he never mentioned bad days only good times . But I know there were tough ones, occasionally they come out in a conversation but not without a smile . He loved the discipline, he loved the physical...
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    Class of 2020 USNA Appointment Thread

    88)proudDadUSNA/DS/March 9/Appointment/NY-09/Congressional NOM/Plan to Accept