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    Personal Statement

    I have had a few people tell me to put things in my personal statement to help clarify some odd aspects of my application. Now that I am seeing the personal statement and how it requires you to answer the two questions, would it still make sense to clarify these random things unrelated to the...
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    Too Many Letters

    Hi everyone, Currently completing my application, and it feels like I have to ask for a lot of recommendations (USNA, congressional, senatorial). Would it be bad if I asked one person to write multiple letters (i.e. I asked a coach to write an optional USNA letter and a nomination letter)...
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    Sports at USNA

    Awesome. Looking into it!
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    Sports at USNA

    Hi, community college freshman applying to USNA 28'. I did not do sports in high school (I did band instead), which I regret because sports are such a great opportunity for students. It's fun, builds teamwork skills, keeps you in shape, and offers leadership opportunities. If I did get into...