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    USMA vs MIT

    Thank you all for the replies so far, they've been very helpful! I have been following the threads progression but have not logged on to do so. Just to clarify and echo some of the other comments being made, I'm not particularly interested in which is more rigorous to get into as I have already...
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    USMA vs MIT

    I am presently a Senior in high school and I have been fortunate enough to get into several schools that I never thought I would be able to. I am set on studying computer science and I have narrowed down my choices to West Point or MIT on a full ROTC scholarship. I am struggling to make a...
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    Education After 4-Year ROTC?

    I have been fortunate enough to be awarded an NROTC four year scholarship to MIT. I have also recieved a four year ROTC scholarship to MIT, Princeton, Harvard, and Duke. MIT is my top school choice and I was accepted early action but I have not committed to anything yet, either scholarship wise...
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    ROTC 1st board results are coming

    I would not worry about that. My school is very similar and when I was contacted this year, the officer gave me the choice of doing a presentation at my school with the principal and counselers etc... or he would come to my home and present it in front of my family with a reporter as long as...
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    ROTC/ NROTC Advice and Questions

    Hello everyone. It has been my goal since I was young to serve in the military in some way and now that it's time for applying to college, I sought acceptance to the Naval Academy and West Point as well as NROTC and Army ROTC scholarships. I have been very fortune and recieved an LOA to the...