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    Invisiline Exception?

    Is it possible for an AROTC cadet to enter the program with invisiline as opposed to braces or is that a disqualification?
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    Am I competitive for an ROTC scholarship at Georgetown?

    You can't go wrong with a black or charcoal suit. Dress conservative and you will be fine.
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    ROTC plus part time job?

    So I was looking for work over the summer and found a restaurant that will hire only if I continue to work part time during the school year. This will be my freshman year and I am also doing AROTC. Is it possible to make this work? Sincerely, Libertykid
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    If you open another portal for the class of 2021 can they not call you in if something happens?
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    Re applying

    So I got the TWE last week on the portal. I am going to do ROTC at college but I would like to reapply to the academy. Has anyone on here accomplished this?
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    Active Duty

    Thanks everyone! So it appears I will be very busy and will allocate some funds for febreeze. Any specific advice though for getting into a competitive branch? I was told infantry would be very competitive.
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    Active Duty

    I have won the 4 year AROTC scholarship and will attend the Ohio State University. After reading several articles and posts on this forum my question is how to get assigned on active duty. How competitive is it now?
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    Second wave

    Where do people hear this stuff?
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    Still Waiting

    Thanks! I am definitely going to handle that paper work. If you stars do align I will post it!
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    Still Waiting

    I have read several threads concerning the national wait list. At this point I have neither received the dreaded TWE or the famous BFE. Many of you have mentioned April as being the time when most applications wrap up. I have the 4 year ROTC scholarship but can't let go of West Point. Should I...
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    spirit videos

    Does anyone else ever just watch Army-Navy spirit and West Point videos to get hyped or is that weird. Not saying I do it but if I did would that be weird?
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    National Waiting List

    Thank you
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    National Waiting List

    Yup. 8th district of Ohio the day before Boehner resigned.
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    National Waiting List

    Did you complete the cfa and qualify for DODMERB? A friend of mine hasn't received a letter because they are waiting on a medial waiver.
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    National Waiting List

    I reccieved a letter through my portal that I was qualified and placed in the NWL. It also said offers would go out between February 26 to May 1. What is my standing at this point?