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    Hello all, I am an AS 200 and I need advice on what to do. I need a minimum verbal score of 15. Pilot-38 Nav-27 Acad Aptitude-32 Verbal-14 Quantitative-56 Thank you all!
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    The Citadel Class of 2020

    I am in the class of 2019. I will see you next year.
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    Do I have a chance?

    Thanks. I am almost done with my application and I won't have time to retake the ACT. I will definitely talk about the challenges.
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    Do I have a chance?

    Hello. I am currently a knob at The Citadel. I couldn't get any congressional nominatioms because of my low High School performance. I had a 3.3 GPA and a 22 on the ACT. However, I earned a 3.823 GPA for the fall semester at The Citadel and i'm applying to the Coast Guard Academy. With prior...