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    USCG MH-60 Jayhawk crash in Alaska

    This is really close to us on an outlying island. Hope everyone is doing ok ! Our CG is the best !
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    First(?) Wave of Appointments being sent out.

    DS was contacted several times via email on Friday about some follow up questions to his application.....fingers crossed I hope that is a good sign! They asked to have the counselor call them today to clarify some course work content....
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    Army ROTC 2023-2024 1st Board

    DS just called and said he won a 4 year ROTC Scholarship to The Citadel, VMI, or Texas A&M!!!!!! I am crying right now!!!!!
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    Academy Application Change

    Its automatically requested by each academy.
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    Study the commercial maritime industry

    Thanks for the tips! Guess what DS is getting for an early HS graduation gift ! Fingers crossed for an appointment....
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    Study the commercial maritime industry

    Would anyone be able to recommend journals, subscriptions, resources to subscribe too for my DS for the maritime industry? He does not have an appointment yet, but his application is complete and he also just applied to Cal Maritime in Vallejo, CA as a back up plan. Any help is appreciated!
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    CFA Videos

    My DS has a CFA pending review since June....
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    2028 State Nominations Thread

    Meanwhile in Alaska...
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    Does anyone have application completed for USNA?

    Yes it just posted this week.
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    Army ROTC Portal - down or individual problem - 08-13-14?

    DS has been unable to log in for over a week.
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    Does anyone have application completed for USNA?

    DS application is nearly complete, we in fact only need the SAT/ACT green check. The actual scores are listed below but the check mark is not present therefore the application still says incomplete.
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    Honest Question

    This thread has me really wanting my DS to get his appointment here! He grew up on the sea and has worked and lived around various marine vessels all his life. I am so excited that he turned in his application. Now we wait!
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    Start Early with DoDMERB - another example - should make you laugh if you're not the recipient

    We live in Alaska, on a tiny Island so ours got scheduled in Washington State, we expected it though...but still its 3500 miles away. We are flying down ASAP.
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    USMMA Parents

    you always have the best sayings :)
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    My DS has received notice to schedule DODMERB July 5
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    USMMA Admissions Portal Now Open

    Portal seems to be working, I will credit to the staff member at USMMA who literally worked the whole day with DS trying to get his portal and application to function properly. It seemed to be a technical issues of unknown origin but the person assisting was ever so kind and helpful.
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    USMMA Admissions Portal Now Open

    well that makes me feel better and sort of adds to the nostalgia of applying to the academy in a way:). One day I hope to be a KP Mom too! DS is not fazed and says he will try back later after he finishes pressure washing the stairs!
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    USMMA Admissions Portal Now Open

    Has anyone been able to access this? We have done ALL OF THE THINGS haha. Not working
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    Did everyone get an SSK allowing them to continue their application?

    DS got his from Far West Coordinator on 05/15/23
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    NASS decision 2023

    DS just got the email 4/26/23 that he will not be attending summer seminar.