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    For (future) cadet candidates with jobs

    OK - as a Mom, I'm going to chime in. You've done your due diligence and acted incredibly responsibly and professionally. You can not control the emotions/reactions of other people, just YOUR response. Do NOT let this person ruin your joy during this time. It sounds like this manager has...
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    Physical Preparation for R-Day and CBT

    So excited for March Back... My Uncle (Class of '61) will be completing the March Back with our Cadet Candidate. I know we won't be able to speak with our CC, but we will be there cheering him on, along with all of the other soon-to-be-Plebes. They've got this!
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    Holiday Travel Home

    If you and your family are new to the military, you will learn to not ever start planning your travel until orders are signed and in your hand. I know it's hard to wait, but I can almost guarantee that things will change before now and then. For those of us who are planners and feel more...
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    Yik Yak

    I must admit that I signed up, just to see what it was all about. I read the feed for about two days, and then disabled my account. It's young adults venting and complaining in a "safe" way, without much fear of retribution. That being said, after reading several posts, my overall thought...
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    Number of Appointments Accepted

    My Uncle is a West Point grad, and waaaay back in 1958, he was wait listed. Literally three days before R-day, he got the call. My Grandma and Grandpa had to go to the bank and get a loan for $50 for his train ticket to New York. Hang in there!
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    EQIP interview

    I still can't believe that our dog did that! He had NEVER done anything like that before - I don't know who was more shocked; the agent or my husband! So typical of our family...if anything goofy is going to happen, it'll be to us. I'm surprised we made it through the Founder's Day brunch...
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    A Nice Ode to West Point

    Thank you for sharing!
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    Parents of Class of 2020 Facebook group

    I had sent the request in several weeks ago, with no response from Mrs. Dalton. I sent her a PM on FB over the weekend, giving her our Cadet's name, our names, and where we live and was added to the group yesterday. Look under the "information" tag on the FB page, find the administrators, and...
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    Leaving my Girlfriend before R-Day

    Are you going to marry this young lady? Is she going to be the future mother of your children? Do you see yourself with her in 5 years? If the answer is no, then you have your answer. Long distance relationships are HARD. If one person is not secure in the relationship, there can be a lot of...
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    EQIP interview

    The interviews can be fairly intrusive, just as a heads up. We have lived all over the US, and different interviewers from different offices conducted the interviews with former neighbors, teachers, least with our experience with our older DS's process for receiving security clearance...
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    Hotel for r-day?

    The hotels are booked, but check out the local Bed and Breakfast places. We were able to find one that was quite reasonable and it is still within 10 miles.
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    How did you find out about your appointment?

    DS's 3Q letter came in his portal first, as well as snail mail a few days later. Scared me to death, because it was a TWE. He didn't see how nervous I was when he opened it, but I definitely breathed a sigh of relief when it was a copy of the 3Q letter.
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    How did you find out about your appointment?

    Congratulations to your DD, @CetuJavu!
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    How did you find out about your appointment?

    The waiver process was so very stressful, so I completely understand. However, WP would not have asked for a waiver review if they did not think that your DD was competitive. Praying that she is able to get the waiver and soon! Once DS received the waiver, things happened very quickly...
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    Anyone from Missouri?

    We will see you there! I'll be the big, tall woman with long curly brown hair, and DS is 6'4. We're kind-of hard to miss. Hoping that the husband will make it; he may be getting back from a Tiger Cruise with DS#Navy, his flight may not get in on time. If husband makes it, he's 6'3 and...
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    Anyone from Missouri?

    Anyone going to the Founder's Day brunch on Sunday? (St. Louis area)
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    How did you find out about your appointment?

    @vdad20 - It was for vision. One eye did not meet the DODMERB requirements. He required further/deeper vision/eye exams to make sure it would be correctable. Which it is. Thank goodness. Once he has one year of no prescription changes, he qualifies for lasik. **edited to add that he...
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    How did you find out about your appointment?

    Congratulations, @MajorLazor!!
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    Missouri Appointments?

    Saw this thread and had to chime in! DS received his appt to USMA! We found out almost a month ago. MO District 8. So proud of all of our kids - what an amazing accomplishment! Congrats to all - and best wishes to those that are still waiting to hear! Now I have to figure out how to be a...
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    How did you find out about your appointment?

    Btw - DS had to wait for a medical waiver as well. He received the 3Q letter (DS had the Principal Nom from our Congressman), waiver was granted, and then the Admissions Board met the following Tuesday after the waiver was granted, and we received the first call from the MOC's office the...