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    USMA '20

    headed to Marion as well! and yes i know its not a 100% guarantee but i know that i will continue my high school academic success into Marion and hopefully into West Point. 32- ACT 4.1 out of 4.0 56/649 - class rank
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    USMA '20

    anybody out there accepting a West Point AOG scholarship for academic year 2015-2016 to become a part of West Point class of 2020?
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    AOG Scholarship

    So I received the Association of Graduates' West Point Preparatory Scholarship Program the other day and have a few questions on my options... My top 3 choices so far are Marion Military Institute, Georgia Military College, and Northwestern Preparatory School. I am also looking at Greystone...
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    I am an Asian-American male and I am competing for admissions to the United States Military Academy class of 2019. I have just received my congressional nomination and have completed the application for West Point. Here is a couple of points on my resume: Class rank:62-659 (top 9%)...