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    Medical Waiver Process

    as an old AF doc and prior waiver authority at AFA, this is certainly waiverable, Christcorp is correct, be very careful about reading into questions and being "too" honest- this actually creates a lot of work by the waiver authority we would not want to do. While lying is NOT acceptable in...
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    Remedials required for things that occurred years ago

    Unfortunately when one item is identified , DodMERB often then expands on everything listed. Better to give strong statement back covering everything so as to avoid further review, even if it is clearly no issue. It certainly doesn't sound like anything disqualifying , but you obviously...
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    Remedials required for things that occurred years ago

    Remedials You will get specific instructions; DoDMERB generally wants the direct records, but in the case of multiple issues that have all resolved (altho of your group , asthma is the biggest one) ; it would be best to get a statement from their current physician addressing all of these...
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    Sinus Surgery?

    I was the active duty Flight Surgeon at the academy reviewing waivers - AFA's waiver authority - albeit - ten years ago so no direct insight - but almost any significant surgery will warrant a full review; Sinus surgery since it may impact PQ status will get a special look. It is best not...
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    Medical Issue that could affact commissioning.

    USAFA clinic is responsible to review all the information and decide what further information they need to decide on what your son needs medically and whether he would be worldwide qualified (which is decision for commissioning). They are certainly responsible for his medical care while he is...
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    Medical Issue that could affact commissioning.

    I had some experience as the medical officer at USAFA overseeing these medical issues (I retired from the Air Force 10 years ago , so I have no immediate insight). Being a CIC, generally they would let him graduate if that is what he wanted (not the same in earlier years) but this is...