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    Navy Football games

    We do the same too but for new parents, just make sure your Mid is available and doesn't have duty or other plans (club sports, debate or things that take them away from the yard).
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    Dedication Parade tomorrow

    My son sent a screenshot of the email they received about the cancellation, he was not unhappy about missing a parade. 😂
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    Dedication Parade tomorrow

    Parade has been canceled. It was on the USNA fb page.
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    2027 PTR

    Here's the link to the 2027 Permit to Report (PTR) that apppointees can begin to complete. Good to make an extra copy for them to bring to I-Day, have a copy sent as part of a care package in case they need it and keep a copy at home for any emergencies...
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    Portal / LOR

    Once you provide their contact info in the system, notified the letter writers so they can be on the lookout for the email from the Naval Academy with the link to submit.
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    Post-Appointment Class of 2027 Hangout: PTR, I-Day, What To Bring, Leave Periods…all that endless new stuff

    Not sure when it will come out but we went ahead and submitted the c/o 2026 info for opening an NFCU account (not required but my son didn't have his own checking account). If they already have another account they can use it for direct deposit but NFCU does have a branch on the yard for...
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    USNA Class of 2027 Waiting and Speculating

    I like your responses but I’m not sure the kids would know about Kinko’s since they’re all gone now. I can appreciate it since I used to go there to photocopy textbooks in college. 😂
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    Got my SAT score a while back...

    As with most things about the application, it’s one data point. Yes, improve on it if you can but the entire application has to be strong and even then it may not be enough. Don’t neglect the other areas.
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    I-Day Parent Questions

    I-day is Thursday and the oath will be administered that evening at 6P, they will march into Bancroft around 7:15PM and then everyone leaves. Correct, next time they'll see you is PPW.
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    Main Points on Application

    I’d mention what/who motivated you to serve and why USNA. The process is important and a good story that accompanies it will bring your journey to life. Congratulations.
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    USNA Class of 2027 Waiting and Speculating

    I downloaded this as a jpeg, maybe it will work better for you instead of a PDF.
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    That’s it. There will be a Permit to Report (PTR) with information and paperwork soon. It will only be available electronically, no mail.
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    USNA Class of 2027 Waiting and Speculating

    A word of caution is to read the fine print clearly when putting down a deposit. Others have posted how they were hit with the entire school bill when they withdrew later. Generally there is no penalty but you'll want to double check.
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    USNA Visit - With LOA

    Is this one potential issue with AFROTC? Not sure if it happens yearly. I'd read the fine print of the ROTC because it may not be a guaranteed 4 years.
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    I-Day Parent Questions

    Whatever you bring, likely it will be exposed to the hot humid weather for a couple hours between purchase and consumption so I’d avoid anything that requires proper storage. We brought a sandwich (no mayo) and a soda which was enjoyed prior to our goodbyes. If you do nothing they won’t starve either.
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    Sorry to disappoint, it won’t be the same. A BFE with a nice cover and letter and that’s it, no additional cool stuff.
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    USNA Class of 2027 Waiting and Speculating

    It will look like this in your portal.
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    Varsity Letter Senior Year

    The participation in high school or club sports are used as a proxy for other indicators such as teamwork, leadership, time management, perseverance, fitness, camaraderie etc. These are skills they expect to see at a SA but there may be other ways to demonstrate too. For example performing near...
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    Class of 2027 - Vaccination requirements

    We didn’t call. We looked at the 2022 PTR, used the application that’s on there and emailed it to the address they provided. I’m sure it’s not an issue to wait until the 2023 comes out soon but it was something to do and now one less item to check off his list.
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    Class of 2027 - Vaccination requirements

    For c/o 2027, the covid vaccine mandate was lifted so that would not be required. But I’ll wait for the official PTR to get the details. What my son did was open a NFCU account last week (not required) but he needs an account and they have a branch on the yard for convenience. He used the form...