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  1. Montana Falcon

    Just received portal change

    Congratulations to your Son!
  2. Montana Falcon

    Daughter considering leaving USAFA

    swatdude. Our DD had similar concerns during Doolie Second Semester. She had gone to the Academy, bound and determined to by an "Astro" major, but after struggling with Academics for the first semester, she did a hard 180. I quote, "So Dad, I am thinking about changing my mind on majoring in...
  3. Montana Falcon

    Campus tour

    If you are from Montana, then the climate and Mountains should be no stranger. Our DD fell in Love with Colorado. I think half of it was that the area reminded her of home. Enjoy your trip!
  4. Montana Falcon

    Applying to USAFA, Don't Want to Fly

    As noted above, there are many other fields for an Officer that don't require being a Pilot. My Daughter applied with no interest in flying and that never hurt her a bit. She is Graduating next month, on to Grad School, then Vandenberg to work in the Space Lift program which has been the...
  5. Montana Falcon

    Choosing between Army and Air Force

    A common theme through this thread has related to the pros and cons of choosing a Pilot Track between USMA, or USAFA. Obviously the opportunities for Flying are much greater with the Air Force since after all, that's what they do. Flying, along with the other Rated slots make up around half...
  6. Montana Falcon


    Tommyboy. You mentioned "$36.00 a month" for membership to AOG. Just checked my latest credit card statement and was billed $20.17 for the month. It's been a few years since I joined, so maybe there was an additional fee at the head end. Regarding its' worth? As an example, tonight is Ring...
  7. Montana Falcon

    Academy tour

    Agree with wildblueyonder. The visitor's center is an excellent place to start. It has a lot of history about the beginnings of the Academy, with pictures and displays. They also have a continuously running movie in their auditorium that gives you some great background on USAFA. There is...
  8. Montana Falcon

    Chinese Intercept US Military Spy Plane Over South China Sea

    The legend lives on, through those brave young Cadets. Willing to chance it all for that one moment of fame. Bullet, I think this about says it all.
  9. Montana Falcon

    TOP GUN 30th Anniversary

    ca2midwestmom. Coincidentally, I was living "on" La jolla during that time too. As in, USS La Jolla, Ballast Point. I vividly remember seeing Top Gun and thinking, "Why did I ever volunteer Submarines?" Those "Wing nuts" get all the glory!
  10. Montana Falcon

    Life in Active Duty (ask a Captain anything)

    jbjtitleist124. Thanks for the additional information. Next time I speak with her, I'll ask if she's had an opportunity to speak with Lt Col Hyer. I took a look at the suggested forum. I think it has some good perspective from those who are, or have lived it from a (boots on the ground)...
  11. Montana Falcon

    Life in Active Duty (ask a Captain anything)

    Great information AFrpaso. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences and understanding of the RPA community. And of course, thank you for your Service!
  12. Montana Falcon

    Life in Active Duty (ask a Captain anything)

    Are there any folks reading this thread with experience in the RPA community? My 2017 DD is about 90% on putting this as #1 pick for a rated position. She has mentioned some concerns related to the field that make up the 10% of doubt. 1) What are the factors related to the retention problems...
  13. Montana Falcon

    Bubble-wrap your appointee (literally).

    Hilarious! I think our DD had enough of us after 3 months of handling her with "kid" gloves, pun intended. She took a trip with a couple close friends just after HS Graduation and all Mom and I could think about was the possibility of some unexpected "disqualifying" event to occur, weeks prior...
  14. Montana Falcon

    Army Navy Game

    I ran across an excellent Documentary that Chronicles the iconic rivalry between Army and Navy, "A Game of Honor". It follows the 2011 teams through the season, interviewing various players, their ups, their downs, their dreams and especially the importance they place on this one game every...
  15. Montana Falcon

    Acceptance Day 2016

    I seem to recall that we had our DD back to the Dorm by 1:00 p.m. (2017'er). I think each Squadron had different times for their C4C's to return, but not by much. Should allow yourself about 2 hours minimum to get back to DIA as the traffic can be pretty nasty once you get into Denver. On a...
  16. Montana Falcon

    I-Day Questions

    And yet another perspective. Our DD wanted us to let her go right from the Airport. Said our goodbyes, she turned around toward Security and never looked back. We scheduled a Taxi to pick her up from the Hotel, but she met another Cadet with Parents at breakfast who were happy to give her a...