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    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    My go-to with chocolate is a stout, but one can't really go wrong with an oaky bourbon, good rum, or shiraz.
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    "Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens" A few of your favorite things (to counter the Petty Grudge thread)

    When I find my wife watching TV on the weekends it is typically either golf or a Hallmark movie. If you could only watch one or the other for the rest of your existence, which would it be? why?
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    The two pieces of advise I've given to my son and other SA-bound individuals: When things are getting to you, just focus on getting to the next meal. Find something to laugh about every day (bonus points for making other cadets laugh, even if it costs you a few pushups). USAFA would not have...
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    Gotta Petty Grudge? Secret Grievance? [Nothing Too Serious]. Foibles Welcome. No Judging!

    Or clueless braggers. During A day, I overheard a parent flexing to her son's AOC that her son was selected to attend the Air Force Academy and just finished the toughest two months any of us would volunteer to go through.
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    Garmin GPS Watch during BCT

    Please use the 2025 Appointee Handbook as your guide. I know watches were collected for the CO 2021, but things may have changed a bit since my son's induction. Except for your phone, I would not recommend bringing anything of significant value that will end up being collected/stored for you...
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    non essential medications

    FWIW, my recommendation for appointees is to bring only those items listed on the packing list on I-Day. Other items should be sent after the end of BCT. Yes, you will probably get these items back after BCT, but you will want to avoid extra attention from the cadre on I-Day by not being able...
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    Physical Aspects of BCT

    My son indicated that the basics that struggled the most in BCT were those who focused on their own performance and tried to be in the top 5% of everything and those that were in the bottom 10%. He added that he felt that effort it required to move above the 70th percentile was much, much better...
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    USNA Class of 2025 Appointments Update-Entire-List-Yourself

    USNA Class of 2025 Appointments 001) Orval / DS / LOA / 16-Dec-20 / Accepted / WI / Congressional / HS Direct 002) MCC123 / DS / LOA / 16-Dec-20 / Will Accept / NC / Senatorial / HS Direct 003) RowNerd / Self / LOA / 17-Dec-20 / Will Accept / FL / ROTC-JROTC / HS Direct 004) Hopeful2025 / Self /...
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    MOC Nom Essay

    Sorry, but I would not recommend sending your essay to anonymous forum members for advice. The best essays are only those that you, and only you, could write. Without knowing you, we (sorry for using the global we) can't really make that assessment. Your English teachers are typically much...
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    To WATCH or not

    There are several threads about this, but plan on whatever watch you bring to be collected and returned to you after the end of BCT.
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    Visiting New London

    We appreciated the Holiday Inn's proximity to the USCGA, but planned on a bit of a drive for most meals and entertainment. One of our favorite spots for dinner is Flanders Fish Market & Restaurant in East Lyme.
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    My introduction

    +1 @Wahoo Fan At my son's high school graduation one of his classmates (whom he's known since kindergarten) gave him a big hug and said I'm so happy for you..., this has been your dream since second grade. The path has been nothing like the one we envisioned at the time, but I'm still humbled...
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    Personal possessions

    +1 @Capt MJ and @HCopter As a parent of a 2021er, my recommendations are as follows: For Appointees - focus on closing out your senior year, getting/staying in shape, and (safely) enjoy your next couple of months with your friends and family. USAFA will provide a very specific list about what...
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    USAFA Academic Schedule?

    +1 @Bigrod - each semester will start as an M day and then alternate between T days and M days (e.g. M1, T1, M2, T2) until you reach T40. The academic calendar (e.g. Spring Semester 2021) will be vital in helping you keep track of things. At the start of each semester, my son added his schedule...
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    Summer Seminar Decisions

    Please remember the following (taken directly from the USAFA Summer Seminar site): Summer Seminar is NOT in any way a prerequisite for admission to the Academy. It is also NOT a prescreening or preselection program. All students applying for Summer Seminar are encouraged to apply for...
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    Unicorn Nomination

    While we are waiting for OP's definition, I'm thinking that the official term would carry a different visual -- like "Phantom Nomination" (ala Phantom Submarine in No Way Out, but please don't judge my movie tastes by use of this reference ;) ). Other suggestions?
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    Bank or Credit Union Account Information Section

    Congratulations on your appointment. Like many other items in your journey, there is no single right answer. My son opted to open a new USAA checking account (I'm a secondary, just in case it was needed for something), a USAA credit card (in his name only and paid off in full each month), a...
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    USNA Class of 2025 Appointments Update-Entire-List-Yourself

    USNA Class of 2025 Appointments 01) Orval / DS / LOA / 16-Dec-20 / Undecided / WI / Congressional / Direct Appointment 02) Mcc123 / DS / LOA / 16-Dec-20 / Will Accept / NC / Senatorial / Direct Appointment 03) RowNerd / Self / LOA / 17-Dec-20 / Will Accept / FL / JROTC, ROTC / Direct Appointment...
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    SAT with Essay?

    Just playing the parent card here... be careful putting to much trust in online CFA and WCS calculators. There are very few people who know the "secret formula" used for the current group of candidates being evaluated. There are minimum scores for each category - please do not ever stop trying...
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    Space Force Commissioning

    86 members from the class of 2020 were commissioned into the Space Force. From the attached article, that will grow to 115 for the class of 2021 and then stabilize at about 80 per year. There will some majors (e.g. AstroE) that will be more aligned with a Space Force commission than others...