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    DQ on distant visual acuity

    Have you heard anything in response for this? I ask because we went through the same thing last year with my DS. We sent in two separate reports from optometrists we visited on our own and successfully had the DNQ overturned. It can be done.
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    USNA Issues and Guidance

    Let your optometrist know what is going on with DODMERB and how the Dept. of Defense contract optometrist indicated your eyesight is not correctable to 20/20. They may not understand the whole process like we do, but they'll get the gist. Ask the question "is my vision correctable to 20/20?"...
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    USNA Issues and Guidance

    Get a 2nd and 3rd opinion and send that information to DODMERB. You’ll need to send the actual optometrist report. Don’t ask them (DODMERB) to send you for a 2nd opinion, I think this will only prolong the process. Until USNA waiver authority actually denies the waiver, you may not know what...
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    Class of 2022 DIY USNA Appointment Thread

    Class of 2022 DIY USNA Appointment Thread 1) TechFlier7 / Self / LOA / 18-Sep-2017 / Accepted / CA / Presidential Nomination, Direct Appointment 2) klcm54a / DS / LOA / 13-Nov-2017 / Undecided / AK / Presidential Nomination, Direct Appointment 3) Johnathan / DS / No LOA / 13-Nov-2017 / Accepted...
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    CVW Invite

    If she has been offered an appointment and she's debating between USNA and plan B, C, D, then yes, attending CVW is a good idea. However, if an appointment has not been offered by March, April at the may want to rethink CVW as it would be time to solidify plan B. Just my thought...
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    CVW Invite

    Plebes usually sign up to host for CVW and often like that at the beginning of the academic year as it breaks the monotony. If you know a Midshipman, you and he/she may be able to make arrangements to be paired together. That takes a bit more work on the part of the Midshipman, but I've seen it...
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    Vision Disqualification

    The DODMERB doc incorrectly reported DS's corrected vision resulting in automatic disqualifier. We had a second and third opinion stating vision is correctable. The DoDMERB doc would not speak with us or compare reports for accuracy despite begging ;) and pleading (I mean, this is his future...
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    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    Phone call today from Senator Cruz's office confirming nomination. Guess Texas has started!!
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    Does anyone know what "deferred" means?

    Two years ago DD was deferred. She's now a youngster at USNA. They (admissions) will let you know what information they want.
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    SAT Scores

    I think it's safe to say the SA's want to see critical reading and math on SAT and English and Math on ACT. Aim for scores above 700 and 30+ at least.
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    Son Received LOA from USNA, need asthma waiver

    DS had a disqualifying condition in which a waiver was not granted and we were successful getting the denial overturned due to updated, current medical information that was undeniably waiverable. It's completely different than childhood asthma, but if you take your son to a pulmonologist and...
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    Son Received LOA from USNA, need asthma waiver

    I'm assuming you already sent in information to DODMERB from the doctor? The waiver authority at USNA will make a determination based on the information DODMERB has in their system. They never seem to be in too much of a hurry to process the waiver.
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    Travel to King's Point

    We visited in September, flew into Laguardia and rented a car. We stayed in Garden City at the suggestion of someone at USMMA as it's a bit more affordable. The drive was pleasant from there to the campus and no longer than 25-30 minutes. I'd looked into super shuttle and Uber, but the cost...
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    Waiver Denied

    We were successful overturning a denial. It can be done by sending in the right information to the waiver authority through communication with DODMERB.
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    Complete Pending review.

    In 2016, DD found out March 4. Everything was turned in and completed by the September prior.
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    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    Portal updated with nomination received! Exciting times!
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    Blue Chip Dinner - N. Texas

    It's a very nice dinner with great speakers! You and your DD will have the opportunity to meet and speak with graduates and Midshipman in attendance. I believe a purpose of the dinner is to sway the hopeful candidate to choose USNA over other other options they may have before them.
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    AMI sent

    Yes, documents may be emailed to the help desk, faxed or mailed and you can be the one to submit the information. It doesn't have to come from the doctor's office.
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    Our DS received an LOA today, too!! DD is a youngster at USNA and DS incoming plebe at USMMA, sweet deal!!
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    Waiver Denied

    We were thinking the same thing! Actually going to be in the area tomorrow so we thought we'd stop by. Can't hurt!