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    USAFA Waiting Page C/O 2028

    Boy #1 received an LOA in October and a mid November appointment. Boy #2 never received an LOA but had a 1 Nov appointment. Neither were recruited athletes. The LOA process is truly a mystery. Boy #1 also received a TWE from USNA.
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    USAFA Waiting Page C/O 2028

    Green check including a nomination?
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    Finding Support at USAFA

    CRU (previously Campus Crusade for Christ) is a good group to hang out with. There is a Venture Crew that's just starting up also. Drum and Bugle is he is at all musical.
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    Sports Alternatives

    Then I would suggest you talk to your parents, explain the triad of Athletics, Academics, and Leadership, and see if they "bend". Absolutely stay in CAP. AFROTC scholarships are at least as difficult as an academy appointment.
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    Sports Alternatives

    “On the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds that on other days, on other fields will bear the fruits of victory.” ― Douglas MacArthur This is one of the reasons that USAFA values athletics.
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    Sports Alternatives

    Competitive swim clubs are widely available, as well as soccer, hockey, tennis, crew, etc. There are lots of organized club sports. Most are not cheap, but generally high-quality athletics. Club sports provide teamwork, coaching, fitness, etc, No downside, and are at least as competitive as...
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    Tips To Stand Out More and Increase Competitiveness

    Academics. Athletics. Leadership. Venture Crew through Scouts BSA could provide an avenue for more leadership experience. The Boys State app window will open very soon, make sure you know how to do this, varies widely by region, some are extremely competitive and require an "appointment" by...
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    CFA Guidance

    Look at the USAFA CFA averages on the USAFA website. I have attached the PDF. Her numbers are well below the averages. The only way to know is to submit. USAFA does have an option to ask for a retest, not guaranteed, but not unheard of. Not sure it will matter which test she submits.
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    Chances/how competitive?

    Like has been previously noted, no one knows for sure but off hand, Girl's State, GPA, Team Captain, Eagle Scout/Mitchell /Gold rank, league/ district/state level awards, multiple languages, band, National Honor Society, Class officer, etc. The volunteer hours are not captured anywhere in the...
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    Chances/how competitive?

    Average. The competition is fierce.
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    Athletics. Academics. Leadership. Volunteer hours are not part of the equation, unless you provide leadership.
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    Second CFA

    They are not looking for extraordinary. Either they made a mistake or you failed an area.
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    An ACT score of 20 is remarkably low after five attempts. You absolutely need outside help to improve. Obviously none of us know your personal financial situation, but if at all possible, a good one-on-one tutor can prodice remarkable results.
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    Graduating high school early/ benefit?

    Being very young will make USAFA that much more difficult. It is much more than academics. Use the last year of high school mature, gain more athletic and leadership experience, and get even further ahead in academics. There is no advantage to graduating early.
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    2nd CFA Request

    The average female one-mile time is 7:43. 9:20 doesn't seem commensurate with your other reported scores. You said you maxed all categories for a male, I do not, for a second, believe you maxed the basketball throw. It may seem like a small thing, but absolute honesty in all of this will make...
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    Character Count for essay?

    No, that isn't ok. See flieger83 above.
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    Rocky Medical History

    To be clear, you don't request the waiver, USAFA does. In all honesty, the medication for depression until last April will be a pretty big obstacle. USAFA is an incredibly stressful environment, are you sure it's a good fit?
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    USAFA Appointment Received! What Next?

    Both of my sons had multiple, early appointments. I had them set a hard date (1 March I think) to decide. I worked with them on the pros and cons of not just the next 4 years, but the next 20 plus. I answered questions, played devil's advocate, etc. Ultimately they decided, hit accept (and...
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    HS Freshman

    Academics. Athletics. Leadership. Excel in the most difficult classes offered. Take both the SAT and ACT, early and often. 1500/35 is the min goal. Varsity letters, team captain. It isn't too late for Scouts, it is a 2-year trip to Eagle, or Venture Crew. Boys/Girls State after your junior...