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    AFOQT scores?

    You would keep your original scores.
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    Prior service into ROTC gi bill benefits

    It could be seen as not using the benefits in the most efficient way possible. If you used the post 9/11 (chapter 33), then your post 9/11 benefits would pick up the tab for your tuition and also pay you E-5 BAH (w/dependents) at the rate for your local area. Any remaining balance would be paid...
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    Prior service into ROTC gi bill benefits

    I was in your situation back in 2013 when I first started rotc. I do indeed receiver my Gi bill benefits on top of the scholarship. I elected for the chapter 30 benefits because you get more money. Feel free to PM me for any more questions.
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    AFROTC Pilot. Am I competitive?

    OP, You said you were a 250 and now you're a 300? Does that mean that you were a 250 and then got bumped up to the 2 year program they released this semester? Regardless, you compete with the FY18 commissioning class in your det and this is done automatically by WINGS. Every 300 cadet who is...
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    AFROTC Rated Boards 2017

    There is no deadline for retaking the AFOQT. The deadline is to update your information in WINGS. Therefore, as soon as you get your results cadre can update your info. Depending on your geographic location and what day of the week you take the test, it typically takes 10-14 days to get results...
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    AFROTC Rated Boards 2017

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    How early can I take the TBAS?

    I concur with Bird12. To my knowledge, nothing prohibits you from scheduling and taking the TBAS on your own accord. In my detachment, and in many others, the standard practice is to take it during your AS200 year so that you have enough time to re-take it if needed.
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    There are minimum scores you have to get to be eligible to compete, see the picture above. There is no minimum PCSM score, however, the PCSM averages for RPA selects over the last three years have been: FY14: 34.0 FY15: 33.0 FY16: 36.3
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    AFROTC Rated Pilot Board 2017

    Congrats on the new PCSM! My opinion is that you're a shoe in for UPT however, it'd be close for ENJJPT. I'm an ENJJPT select and follow all the stats very closely. My commander was brand new and he's a force support officer so he had no connections with pilots or knew anyone on the board. I'm...
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    AFOQT Book

    So it seems like all but one of the factors that comprise your Order of Merit (OM) score have been solidified. The only thing you didn't provide was your PCSM score. Here is what your OM breakdown looks like: CGPA - 3.91 - 9.775/10 PTS PFA - 94 - 9.400/10 PTS FT Ranking - 9.688/15 PTS RSS...
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    What Percent of Colonels Make General?

    Yes, I would agree with that. Maybe a bit higher. I'd say around 5-10% to cover more margin of error.
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    What Percent of Colonels Make General?

    Not 100% sure but here's my best guess: FY2016 - 36 Colonels selected for promotion to Brigadier General FY2016 - 3,472 Colonels in the USAF In 2015, there were a total of 3,865 Lt Cols eligible for promotion out of a total of 10,215. That is 37.8% of all Lt Cols were eligible for promotion...
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    AFROTC Rated GPA Question

    For which job? For pilot I'd put the average somewhere around 71. My friend had a 68.5 and didn't get picked up for the last board or it's alt board.
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    AFROTC Rated Boards 2017

    According to AFPC's site, the update suspense is 1 Jan for this past 2016 board. It was the same case last year. I would play it safe and assume 1 Jan 2017 is the update suspense unless you hear otherwise from you cadre. See attachment.
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    AFROTC Rated GPA Question

    I made it referencing the latest information available. I also try to keep it updated with the latest stats including the enjjpt results that just got released last month.
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    Low PCSM

    Sure.. Average select PCSMs: FY15: 57.1 FY16: 64.4 FY17: 66.3 Now let's look at how many pilots were selected out of everyone selected: FY15: 461 pilots out of 689 rated selectees = 66.91% FY16: 381 pilots out of 660 rated selectees = 57.73% FY17: 345 pilots out of 694 rated selectees =...
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    Low PCSM

    Someone from my det, about two years ago, got picked up for pilot in an alternate board with a 31 PCSM. I note two years ago because the average select PCSM scores were lower back then (high 50s). He was non-tech major. I don't know what his GPA was nor his RSS, I know he didn't get DG or SP...
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    Yes there are active duty boards you can apply to for rated jobs. You can always improve your PCSM after the board and be competitive for the alternate board in September.
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    AFROTC Rated GPA Question

    Did it look something like this:
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    Demand for Pilots?

    No problem, glad I could help. Best of luck to you.