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  1. Superior rocks

    Mile Time for Female

    Um, the mile run is the last CFA event. If you're not going to give it your all, why show up?
  2. Superior rocks

    Status still 3Q, no appointment and no TWEq

    So sorry to read this. But when one door shuts - there's an open window that will lead your son in the direction that he is intended to go. So trust fate; advise your son to live his life to the fullest, and not to look in the rearview mirror. He is not heading in that direction. Wishing your...
  3. Superior rocks

    Status still 3Q, no appointment and no TWEq

    USMA sent the news to DS2 in a portal update and snail mail. DS2 and the Great Lakes RC communicated via email, too. RC's email to DS2 was much appreciated and very classy. Good luck to your son.
  4. Superior rocks

    Status still 3Q, no appointment and no TWEq

    Thanks, Dr. Mom and beantown31. DS2 is thrilled to be a Hoya.
  5. Superior rocks

    Status still 3Q, no appointment and no TWEq

    The day of reckoning arrived: After two attempts, DS2 will move on to his second plan "a" school--Georgetown--which has become his plan "a" over the last several months. Accepting a spot in the Georgetown class of 2021 is not a consolation prize. DS2 will go to school in his preferred town...
  6. Superior rocks

    3 Year ROTC Scholarship

    BSCAR, soon (sometime in the next four weeks), you will receive an email from Cadet Command. CC will inform you whether it will award you a three year scholarship. Even if CC informs you that it has no scholarship for you, you may be contacted by ROOs at local universities and colleges. I think...
  7. Superior rocks

    "Turned down"

    WP22, a little perspective: Here are ten things I have learned about parents in my 50+ years on this planet: 1. Most parents love their kids more than they like other people's kids. 2. Many parents live vicariously through their kids. 3. Most parents are their kids' biggest fans--and harshest...
  8. Superior rocks

    Administer CFA

    ServiceaboveAll, welcome to the "club." There are several credible resources to help applicants and their parents navigate through the Service Academy application, nomination application and ROTC scholarship application(s) maze. DS2 and I found the following resources extremely helpful for West...
  9. Superior rocks

    Army ROTC, The Citadel, and Norwich

    Unless you bomb your SAT/ACT, you will get into The Citadel.
  10. Superior rocks

    Very frustrated

    Here's my two cents: Move on and accept the USCGA appointment. You'll be happier. If you're frustrated now, how will you feel if you turn down the USCGA appointment and, for some reason, you don't get into USMA after participating in the AOG WPPS program?
  11. Superior rocks

    Finally Got the E-mail

    Dear members of the TWE club: Look at yourself in the mirror (parents, look at your DS or DD) and say out loud: "This too will pass. This temporary--and it is temporary--setback will not define me. I have a lot of God-given potential and it is up to me to develop it. No institution and no...
  12. Superior rocks

    Try Again

    “How a man handles himself in defeat is more important than how he handles himself in victory.” ― T.A. Uner
  13. Superior rocks

    When does USNA start sending out TWE?

    Swag, the military colleges are all about perseverance. When DS1 started his knob year at The Citadel, I tucked a letter I had written to him in his duffle bag. I told him to open the letter when he felt like quitting. Four days into knob year, DS1 opened my letter. In my letter, I...
  14. Superior rocks

    Minority Advantage

    BobbyW, everyone on this forum wants you to succeed. Our country needs you to succeed. America is great because young people like you pull themselves up by their bootstraps and succeed. The other posters on this forum are not disrespecting you; rather, they are letting you know that there are...
  15. Superior rocks

    President Trump's national security adviser resigns.

    Food for thought on this President's Day: George Washington Claimed He Never Chopped Down A Cherry Tree. . . . When confronted about it his claim by his father, George hesitated but told his father, “I cannot tell a lie.” George admitted to the crime. Instead of punishing George for chopping...
  16. Superior rocks

    President Trump's national security adviser resigns.

    Maplerock, I suspect you might feel differently about McCain's heroism had you or your loved one spent those years as a POW. As for your wish that the liberals would just fall in line and support a guy who has not earned their respect, please consider the following sage words of advice: "The...
  17. Superior rocks

    President Trump's national security adviser resigns.

    Agreed. There are crazies on both ends of the spectrum. Most of us are in the middle. I will respect anyone whose political opinions differ from mine so long as those opinions are well-grounded in the Constitution. We are a nation of laws, not men. The checks and balances that exist among our...
  18. Superior rocks

    President Trump's national security adviser resigns.

    Let me count the ways: Scandal one, . . .
  19. Superior rocks

    MN Nominations

    Yes. DS2 has nominations from District 6 to WP and Navy, Franken to WP and Klobuchar to WP.