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  1. ChipAyten

    ROTC and Employment

    The service academies are active duty cadets and midshipman and thus receive active duty pay and are not allowed to hold jobs. ROTC cadets & midshipmen are reservists hence the Reserve Officer Training Corps. So yes, you can hold another job.
  2. ChipAyten

    Red Wings vs. Penguins

    Detroit is one of the most dedicated and well deserving cities of an NHL team in the league, an Original 6 team at that. If you want to complain about cities non-deserving of teams you should direct your disdain to Phoenix, Atlanta, Nashville, Miami and up until several years ago Anaheim. I'm...
  3. ChipAyten

    Red Wings vs. Penguins

    Alrighty come one come all, place yer' bets. Will the Wings repeat and win their 12th 'La Coupe Stanley'? Or will 'Sid the kid' solidify his legitimacy as a true NHL superstar by beating the team that knocked him out of the finals one year prior? Only time will tell. And if your not a hockey fan...
  4. ChipAyten

    USMA vs ROTC

    I along with anyone else can produce for you a laundry list of things they would like to see changed in the ROTC program as well as USMA. For the most part you need to do your own research and make your own decision.
  5. ChipAyten

    Tatoo Policy at VMI

    I'm 20 and I still can't figure that one out. I suppose some people feel ink under their skin makes them more badass?
  6. ChipAyten

    Been arrested...ROTC out of the question?

    I know several people who've gotten waivers for more serious offenses, violent offenses too. It is not out of the question, just be truthful and up front about it. Don't try and hide it or lie. The guys at the NSA who give out security clearances are very good at their job and they will find it...
  7. ChipAyten

    Declared Finally

    2 ACU's will do you just fine for your rook year. All USMC/Navy Midshipman have two field training exercises a year, one for the fall and one for the spring semester.
  8. ChipAyten

    Yay! VMI 2012!

    I am not even from VMI and I can tell you there is no such thing as VMI Class of 2012, you would do well by remembering it class of 2009+3
  9. ChipAyten

    Full Scholarship to Norwich!

    We've had NROTC here for quite a while, lol the school put a lot of work into erasing its image as an Army only military college a while a ago
  10. ChipAyten

    attitude toward rotc cadets

    It is very rare that you will see a conflict between two students just because of their military/civilian status.
  11. ChipAyten

    Hershey Bypass - Iraq IED Video

    "Holy ****" is right
  12. ChipAyten

    The Chipster

    Hey guys its going pretty well, after a month here the routine has pretty much fallen into place and the culture shock of being a rook wore away a while ago. You don't think about what you are doing or how it compares of how you would do it anymore. Our cadre have backed off a little bit, their...
  13. ChipAyten

    Security Clearance

    Sorry if i sound arrogant here, but I'm right and you're wrong. It exists somewhere. And honesty is a direct indicator of morality. It would behoove you to tell the academy about it now rather than finding out you hid it from them later. And its nothing to feel bad about. You just made an...
  14. ChipAyten

    Security Clearance

    A confidential security clearance is given for enlistment, its requirements are the least stringent. You do not even have to be a U.S. citizen, just a legal permanent resident. Thus why immigrant aliens are allowed to enlist. I believe all commissions and most re-enlistments require a secret...
  15. ChipAyten

    Eligible for service

    Exactly how do they gauge a recruits "aptitude"? Oh and getting into a scuffle at a bar would technically be a "violent" crime and I am sure the military has had its fare share of bar fights. So the sailor who throws the other sailor onto the ground should get the boot? Cmon now, shades of...
  16. ChipAyten

    Shortage of Army Officers

    *gasps* Im sure all the ROTC Cadets/Midshipman at The Citadel Norwich Texas A&M VMI North Georgia Virginia Tech All the state Maritime Academies will take offense to that. By the time they commission the only personal difference between a federal service academy and ROTC officer is their...
  17. ChipAyten

    Security Clearance

    For ROTC before you receive a penny in benefits or tuition you submit your security clearance Application, because the process of granting you a secret clearance takes a while they may give you a preliminary thumbs up or down so you may start receiving money. i am not exactly sure about the...
  18. ChipAyten

    So, I'm off

    So I'm leaving early Saturday morning, going to be a long drive up to Northfield VT (like 6 hrs) but I think I can make it. First day/Rook Arrival is on Sunday and it will all start. Needless to say I'm going to get pwned :shake: Haha oh well. I obviously wont be able to give as much of my oh so...
  19. ChipAyten

    Eligible for service

    Thats not a suprise and its not really a bad thing either since most of it is waiverable. I dont like how the news is degrading the army by saying the army is lowering its standards, no it is just adapting. Getting into a little trouble with a silly misdemeanor does not make you a bad person and...
  20. ChipAyten

    The Citadel

    ObsessiveDad with all due respect please do not give me a history lesson on the civil war. I'm very aware of its causes. Regardless of how the south justified their actions its still treason, and the confederate flag is a symbol of that treason which overshadows whatever good it may symbolize...