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  1. MarathonMom

    Are you talking to your kids?

    Just_a_Mom, I'm glad you brought this up...good post. We talk to our son (2010) every time he comes home and before he joins up with his high school buddies. I know we sound like a scratched record--but his dad and I sing that same tune everytime he walks out the door. :shake:
  2. MarathonMom

    Academic calendar 2006-07

    Thanks Grappler... :)
  3. MarathonMom

    Better Candidate

    SAT and ACT scores are very important, but they're only part of the well-rounded cadet candidate. Some of my suggestions would be: 1. Volunteer for city and large organization events (i.e. charity marathons, local humane society). They're fun and you have an array of areas you can...
  4. MarathonMom

    Academic calendar 2006-07

    Does anyone know if and when it will be available? Thanks.
  5. MarathonMom

    Good Luck to the Swabs of '10

    Great pics... Thanks for sharing bossf51...:cool:
  6. MarathonMom

    Warrior Run Photos

    "You don't have to make a big deal out of it(i.e. put them in the local paper) but as time goes on your cadet will thank you for it..." LOL..:shake: thanks bossf51... I really want those photos--and you're right--in time he will too.
  7. MarathonMom

    Warrior Run Photos

    My son does not want to take the individual photograph for the Warrior Run. "Why?:confused:," I asked... My appointee answers, " Because, I don't want to be one of the few taking pictures for mommy and daddy...take pictures when you see me during Parent's Weekend" I responded...
  8. MarathonMom

    I-Day: Alone or with Family?

    LOL! "...replace her coffee with decaf when she isn't looking" Love that entire post Jamzmom..
  9. MarathonMom

    I-Day: Alone or with Family?

    I will be the only one accompanying our son on I-day. Dad will be working and cannot take off for both I-day and Parents Weekend, so he chose to wait until Parents Weekend to come to USAFA. Our son "said" he didn't want us to come to I-day, but I can tell he's glad I'm going. Mom's can tell...
  10. MarathonMom

    New Moderator: Jamzmom

    JazMom... I love to read your replies and posts on c/'ll make a great moderator :shake:
  11. MarathonMom


    My son is the Class of 2010 I think I'm gonna like it here! Go Falcons Woohoo!