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  1. MerchantMarinener

    Overnight visit

    Good to hear! You will enjoy every day here!!!
  2. MerchantMarinener


    You must meet "good" navy standards, not "satisfactory."
  3. MerchantMarinener

    Career options after graduation

    I would like to add that the USAF for flight purposes has been very "sketchy" and the Army is having extreme difficulty. They are currently going through Hofstra University due to the lack of support here.
  4. MerchantMarinener

    Overnight visit

    I see that you have already conducted your overnight visit. I hope you enjoyed the welcoming midshipmen and quality food in our mess hall. I also hope that you time here at Kings Point has opened your eyes to the possibility of "charting your course" in life and using Kings Point as a tool to...
  5. MerchantMarinener

    USMMA - AFROTC/NROTC at Penn State

    Coming from someone here right now, if you want to go flight out of here in the AF, don't bother. There are some guys going CRO so there's that. The Army right now is messed up too because of the Army Captain here that dropped the ball with the paperwork and even the Superintendent won't help...
  6. MerchantMarinener

    Reapplying to USAFA

    The Air Force and KP are not liking each other right now. I pushed really hard and all I got was doors shut in my face and the Academy was never there to support me including the Alumni Association and that was this academic year. If you want to go ACTIVE DUTY USAF flight out of here, don't bother.