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    ARMY Rotc DIsenrolled does DD 785 affect national guard OCS?

    DS has a bachelor's and getting involuntarily dis enrolled due to not getting advance camp credit. She found out she might be getting a DD 785 does that affect getting into the national guard OCS?
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    Ed Delay

    As a MS III if you have already gotten early admission to medical school can you get an ed delay to start working with the Health Recruiters? The health recruiter mentioned that I would not be able to process any paperwork for the health professional scholarship without the ed delay. Any advice...
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    Security Clearance and Army Cadet Command

    Is there a way to prove one's clearance as a cadet? LIke a document of some sort?
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    Officer Career Starter Loan Question

    Sir, I saw your experience with USAA career starter. I am a junior ROTC contracted cadet and am considering the loan. Howeve, I have the posibility of attending medical school and receiving an educational delay. If I receive the educational delay I will commission but will not be coming to...
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    Requirements for Advance Camp

    Sir, Would you be able to define good standing? There has not been a direct contradiction yet but I was told there are certain leadership roles required before going to Advance Camp. So far I have not found such regulations/guidelines.
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    Requirements for Advance Camp

    Are there certain requirements MS III cadets have to fullfil before going to advanced camp like leadership roles, etc....? I am trying to find a list of things but so far have not found any. Thanks in advance
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    New GoArmyEd procedures for Scholarship Payments

    How does GoARMY ed process "fees" for ROTC scholarship cadets? Is there a section within the portal to input that information. How long does it take for them disburse the money to the school?
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    Timing of tuition payment for Scholarship

    How does GoArmyEd pay for "fees" I understand they pay for tuition for ROTC cadets after we register our classes within the system. However, how is there a section where I can input the fees that are included in the scholarship?
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    Sir, have a few questions in branching into MSC from ROTC esp. to 70D or 70B? I can't seem to pm...

    Sir, have a few questions in branching into MSC from ROTC esp. to 70D or 70B? I can't seem to pm you from your page, so if you can reach out to me I would appreciate it. Thank you.