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  1. Hopeful_Future_Cadet

    Army Portal Status

    Is it the email under "contact us"?
  2. Hopeful_Future_Cadet

    Army Portal Status

    I emailed the contact on the army application asking when the results would be out, and this is what was sent back. So yes, Cadet Command Fort Knox.
  3. Hopeful_Future_Cadet

    Army Portal Status

    "We are unfortunately not able to release the results of the October board yet. We appreciate your patience and hope to be able to release the results by mid-December. A notification will be sent through your application when the information becomes available. Thank you for your interest in...
  4. Hopeful_Future_Cadet


    Well for the GPA to SAT score, I can tell you my stats. I have a 3.0 unweighted GPA and a 1780 SAT score, and I was accepted very quickly, so I would suggest you get as high of a score as you can. 2.3 is pretty low, so honestly your best chance would be at least a 2000. Have you taken the SATs yet?
  5. Hopeful_Future_Cadet

    Army Portal Status

    Oh gosh I didn't really think that through...
  6. Hopeful_Future_Cadet

    Army Portal Status

    The moment anyone's status on the site changes, please let me know, because I keep checking and half the time I don't know if I just was not awarded, or if it hasn't updated. Thank you.
  7. Hopeful_Future_Cadet

    Accepted to Norwich

    I have been accepted as well (also to the citadel) and I am curious about the stuff the recruiters don't talk about, like the food, the free time, stuff like that.
  8. Hopeful_Future_Cadet

    Army site down?

    The army scholarship website won't open for me, is the site down, or is it just my connection?
  9. Hopeful_Future_Cadet

    AFROTC and Deployment

    I believe only during wartime and it's only if you volunteer, and of course you have to be qualified. At least that is for the Senior Military College's, so I'm not sure about your situation. :/
  10. Hopeful_Future_Cadet

    ROTC 1st board results are coming

    This suspense is killing me. I hope they release the results soon.
  11. Hopeful_Future_Cadet

    Senior Military College's

    So being in the corps of cadets has nothing to do with commissioning? So you wear a uniform for four years but you don't join the military after?
  12. Hopeful_Future_Cadet

    Senior Military College's

    "The ROTC Departments at The Citadel offer commissioning opportunities in all branches of the armed services. While every cadet must successfully complete a course in one of four ROTC departments each semester, cadets are not required to work toward a ROTC commission, or to accept a ROTC...
  13. Hopeful_Future_Cadet

    Senior Military College's

    So I know you have to sign your contract to serve after your second year for ROTC at most colleges, but I heard the Citadel does not require a decision on commission until the end of your senior year. Is this true? And is it the same at any of the other SMCs, like Norwich?
  14. Hopeful_Future_Cadet

    Army ROTC Results

    2-3 weeks
  15. Hopeful_Future_Cadet

    Amount of Scholarships

    Does the amount of scholarships given vary by the schools? Such as: the Citadel getting 2 dozen scholarship winners, vs MIT only getting 2 winners? (Just an example I assume that's very wrong) also, am I more likely to get a scholarship at certain schools than other ones? What schools have more...