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    The USAFA rap kid was in my basic flight. Needless to say, he was like Private Pyle. Out of shape, selfish, unprofessional, and completely unprepared for BCT. He was out-processed on A-Day.
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    Countdown begins....

    Already in the Springs and getting used to area before processing. It's going to be a memorable Thursday.
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    Tape Test

    Woops, read that wrong. As long as you're under the max weight you should be fine.
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    Tape Test

    For underweight, I think it said something about your data being sent to the Cadet Clinic for evaluation. Again, it wouldn't be an auto-seperation unless there was a serious health concern.
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    Tape Test

    Well, based on what it said in the Appointee Kit instructions under the Athletics section, it mentioned that those who don't meet the BMI and Body Fat % standards will be entered into a remedial weight management program. I wouldn't assume automatic separation for a failure, but I would work to...
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    AP Scores, effect of getting low scores??

    Hey 7ez, I wouldn't get yourself too stressed out over the AP scores. The Academy wants to see a strong GPA, SAT/ACT, and class lineup that is challenging and shows that you're willing to work hard. AP scores aren't a factor that they officially use in the WCS academic section, so I wouldn't get...
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    Class of 2019 Appointment Thread

    And congrats everyone! Can't wait to meet the new family of brothers and sisters-in-arms in June! :)
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    Class of 2019 Appointment Thread

    1. Juvat (DD), Appointment, 31 Oct, Presidential, FL-21 2. Navydad1971 (DD), Appointment, 31 Oct, Presidential, MD-5 3. KTMDad (DS), Appointment, 24 Oct, Presidential, CA-04 4. RckyMtnKP (DS), Appointment, 31 Oct, Presidential, CO-5 5. Gator19, Appointment, 31 Oct, Presidential, AL-01 6...
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    C/O 2019 Mailbox Stalkers

    Yeah, thought there was going to be some type of wave today. Came home and checked the box. Junk as usual. Maybe Friday will be the big day. Best of luck to y'all and keep stalking those boxes!
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    NROTC Scholarship Award Notification

    Just got the news today. 4yr NROTC Navy Option to USD! The advice from this site was definitely a big help during the process. Good luck to the other applicants out there!
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    Database Sync

    It's the same problem for me. I'm sure they're working to fix the issue.
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    NROTC interview?

    Hey, I got a call the same day (I'm assuming Wednesday around 4/5ish?) from my local NROTC recruiter. Did your recruiter say to have the physical readiness test done for the interview or no? Mine wasn't too specific and the call felt a bit rushed. Sent using the Service Academy Forums® mobile app
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    Another New Guy

    Hey everyone, here's my introduction and I look forward to being a part of the community. I'm currently a high school senior who has applied to both USAFA and USNA as well as the two respective ROTC scholarship programs. I'm hoping to become an officer in either the Navy or Air Force and make a...