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    Are there bikes from the team to use if you do not have your own out there (would make more sense for me to by a new one than to ship, if i needed to)?
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    Language Placement Questions

    Well, it has been stated Russian is a difficult class, but aren't they all fairly hard. I sat in on a Japanese class, and the students were still struggling with most of the words. What are your experiences with the strategic languages?
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    What do we really need?

    with the shaver, does anyone know where to obtain a good electric razor? I have a cheap one from walmart, but I do not think it will meet the uniform grooming standards. I am having a hard time figuring out what is a good type.
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    Longest distance ran during Beast?

    What happens if you "fall out" of formation while running? personally, I have very poor running skills. Even though I have been working hard to get better, I know I will be near the back.
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    Bed & Breakfast Confirmation for June 23?

    check this list of registered attendees if not on there, go to click on the appointee registration link, and follow instructions. There is also a contact number on the registration link
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    Basic Training and Beat Sessions

    I was wondering how the knowledge "training" worked. Like, say your roommate is not keeping up with standards, do you get hassled, even if you show that you have tried to help him/her? This also go along with things like having a clean room. I was just wondering because I would hate to see...
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    Airline Tickets

    so, if you are looking ahead, check for open flights in the morning, and wait for the final word.
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    Airline Tickets

    I also received the eticket info around the middle of May. Leaving at 0730 on the 23rd. If you are concerned, I would say to have them call the admissions counselor.
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    I was wondering, what is the USAA? I have looked at their website, but I am still kind of confused on what they do/ what they can do for a cadet. I was debating whether to join them just for the car insurance and stuff.
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    ALO Meeting

    The meeting is also good practice for the congressman interviews you will have for nominations. My ALO meet with me a few times, just so I was more aware of looking at every interviewer and more relaxed in my mannerisms.
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    Air Force Jobs and Majors

    In line with the piloting and education thoughts, I was wondering about life after UPT (if we make it). I know there are many who take a business or other "easy" major to get their GPA higher. What is life like afterward though? I plan on making serving in the Air Force my career, and I am...
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    Test Scores

    DEFINITELY. Even if you do not receive a falcon scholarship, if it is test scores that hold you down, I strongly suggest looking into attending Northwestern Prep. One of their main focuses is on raising SAT and ACT standardized test scores (you are required to take them every time they are...
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    Boot Clarification

    speaking of shoes being uncomfortable, is it suggesting to buy a pair of gel insoles from wal-mart, or even get custom insoles? I heard that usually military shoes have cardboard-style insoles.
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    Orientation Dinner April 18 Sign Up

    CADETS: 1. btown13 2. CranoOrden 3. buffalo 4. raimius 5. JustCallMeDan7 (Need a ride!) 6. fbcadet aka patches 7. 8. hornet 9. LUUUUUUUUUUKE!!!!!!!!!! eagle Appointees: (yourself (how many people you are bringing with you)) 1. bsa07eagle 2. damevaako (1) 3. drjunge (1) 4. carp28...
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    Orientation Clothes

    Will we have access to the clothes we bring and store in the field house (think that is where it is) so we can grab them for later? I just was unsure how everything flows.
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    Orientation Parent Report

    haha, what about a Hawaiian shirt?
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    Falcon Foundation advice

    I also attended NWP, and it was a challenging but worthwhile experience. With being away from home, it was across the country from where I live, but class is only 1 semester, so you get a whole semester back home to be with your family and can take even more challenging college courses.
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    Intramural Sports

    I have heard a lot of stuff about flickerball, is it a real sport, or something colleges mad up?
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    Allowable desk items

    Thanks guys! Is there anything else we are allowed? I know personal photos are restricted, but, like, calendars or something?
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    Allowable desk items

    I was wondering if a current cadet could cover this for me. I was told that after BCT, you can have a monitor for the laptop, up to 22", and a personal printer, instead of using the constantly-breaking squadron one. My problem is that I have a 22" TV being used as a computer monitor. Will...