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  1. wondermom

    Afrotc Type 1 Scholarship Stats

    My DD was a USAFA applicant who get an appointment and she also have and will use her AFROTC Scholarship type 1, yes is very competitive but if you do not apply you will never know. Good luck!
  2. wondermom

    Worried DS is giving up on Academy dream to jump at NROTC Scholarship

    Hello and congratulations to your son and to you as a parent!!, I can tell you just ONE thing, support your DS in his decition because is his first big step in adult life. Having the ANAZING opportunity to choose and Ivy League University as Yale is an amazing opportunity in his future and the...
  3. wondermom

    USAFA Russian program (minor)

    Hello, I want to know from the ones who really know about the Russian language program at the Academy (cadets, cadet’s parents, etc), my DD wants to study Russian and, she had been accepted in some great Universities , one with a top notch Russian program, she also as the AFROTC Scholarship as...
  4. wondermom

    What boot to get

    My DD just bought the Rockies and loved them.
  5. wondermom

    BCT preparation for Class of 2022

    I understand that when you accept the Appointment they will give you a list of what you SHOULD bring and what you shouldn’t, anything extra from this list I believe will be confiscated according to what I read in other posts, just a mom .
  6. wondermom

    USAFA Class of 2022 Appointment Thread

    DD is from SoCal too :)
  7. wondermom

    Appointments 2022

    DD have her Congreswoman calling her to school from Washington D.C. to tell her she get the appointment!!! :)
  8. wondermom

    AFROTC Scholarship winners

    No yet, still waiting for Colleges answers, she decide to Russian as well :)
  9. wondermom

    AFROTC Scholarship winners

    Yes, Turkish and Farsi
  10. wondermom

    Dual Enrollment Complications

    DD as doube enrollment, will graduate from HS and with College with a AA degree, not a problem for WP application, just be aware most credits will not be transferable.
  11. wondermom

    NROTC 2nd Board results

    Did your DS get already accepted to all this Colleges?, did he apply early admission?
  12. wondermom

    NROTC 2nd Board results

    DD just find out today too :)
  13. wondermom

    What time are AFROTC scholarship notifications released?

    DD just receive Type 1
  14. wondermom

    AFROTC Scholarship winners

    My DD just get a Type 1 AFROTC Scholarship today, winner!! :), it said, full tuition paid for a Foreign Language Major. Somebody with this type of Scholarship to tell us more about it?, I though Type 1 was just for technical Majors, we are very happy. Also, what about multiple Scholarship...
  15. wondermom

    Army ROTC 4 years winners, school # 1 choice question

    DD is one of the 4 year National Scholarship winner, and we are VERY proud, she just receive by mail the instructions and letter to choose her TOP # 1 school, so my questions are these ones, so please answer if you really know about this process, we are ready to do this, well she is ready. 1-If...
  16. wondermom

    Army ROTC 1st Scholarship Board Results Published

    DD just get Award 4 years Army ROTC National Scholarship, she just call me, SOOO PROUD of her. Good luck to everybody.
  17. wondermom

    WP Candidate interview

    DD is done with application, but nobody contact her yet for and interview, we hear that candidates that get an interview at SLE last summer may count as the interview ( made by a Cadet), but does not sounds accurate for me, she did it, but I understand, she should have a MALO or equivalent...
  18. wondermom

    BGO interview yet?

    DD have her application done a long time ago, DoDMERB done and CFA, but not a word of interview from BGO, anyone else in same situation?, we r in the West Coast.
  19. wondermom

    "Complete & On Hold"

    Keep us update to know what it means.
  20. wondermom

    CVW1 - anyone else?

    DD is already there :)