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    every person who receives a recommendation from the commanding officer at naps will receive an appointment to the academy. the vast majority of those will have graduated naps with a 2.0 gpa.there are a handful of special cases, but in any case, show you are trying and constantly making positive...
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    Company lists are out

    what i'm saying is that until that information is mailed to you, the only way to access it is on the naval academy DOD network. there is a reason that information is secures the way it is.
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    What company are you in?

    they don't shot gun after plebe summer. 1st and 2nd companies make alpha company over plebe summer, 3rd and 4th make bravo, and so forth. they skip juliett. each number company is a platoon during plebe summer and then tehy join their entire company during the academic year. for those...
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    Company lists are out

    sorry guys, but this is a huge secrutiy problem... those lists were up on the academy intranet on the DOD network, but I wouldn't be surprised if they change before you get here... thank your facebook classmate for that. Texan- if your company does stay the same, you're in for a treat. i'm...
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    no restrictions on email or phone during ac year
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    plebes do not rate media unless granted by the training staff or required for a foreign language. my company makes us check out our headphones for foreign languages. they collected everyone's so we aren't even allowed to have them. and takinga foreign language plebe year isn't a gpa killer...
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    NAPS Summer

    sort of, but not really anything like plebe summer. there is an approximately three week period called INDOC. during this time you will have physical development as well as orientation to the base and way of life at NAPS. the program transitions you from being civilian to being "in the...
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    Knee Injury Question

    i had a meninscal repair at NAPS and then again three weeks ago. I had to be cleared by DOMERB again before starting this year and I didn't have any problems with them.
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    Dodmerb disqualifier

    I still say the prep school is not a wasted year. I know it seems like it now, but it will give him a leg up when he does go to the academy. I could be wrong on this, but i'm pretty sure that DODMERB still has to approve you for even that. Good Luck.
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    Dodmerb disqualifier

    Not sure what prep school or academy you are refering to, but as far as athletics are concerned he won't be losing a year of training by going to a prep school, espcially if it is the academy-specific prep school. Athletics don't always come second. Here at Navy it is a third of our...
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    USNA 2013

    get used to counting days! lol. "sir, you now have 33 days until spring break, 97 days until 2/c ring dance, and 102 days until first class graduation, sir!" that's what i would say if they asked me right now. it's worse during plebe summer when you have like seven dates to remember...
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    Prep School?

    Good info: thanks for putting that out, but I have to disagree. I attended NAPS last year and in the application system for the Academy, every NAPSter received the Secretary of the Navy appointment. Yes, during the year we are required to attempt to get another nomination. At the same time, no...
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    I-Day Blood Work, Chicken Pox Titer vs Vaccine

    They did the test here at NAPS for us and made us get the vaccine if you did not have "enough immunity". When I was little, I had the worst case of chicken pox my doctor's had ever seen and I had to get the vaccine, all the painful doses. So do not count on not having to get the vaccine if you...
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    Lords of Discipline (re: Citadel, VMI)

    This is by far my favorite book. And I'm not a Pat Conroy fan. As far as taking it for actual life at the Ctiadel, don't. It's not based on the current El Cid and shouldn't be taken as such. However, I believe it is an extrodinarily well written FICTION.
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    Ding Ding...LITS Arriving.

    smile's just monday. hey Z, at least you're not a NAPS with me! it sucks here. :shake:
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    I-Day is Approaching Fast

    Summer is too short when you report for NAPS, especially because the calander comes out so late. Be sure to spend time with your friends. Once INDOC is over we had about a week of CDMI, briefs and cleaning then straight into academic year. I would be willing to bet that CAPT will probably want...
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    Panorex x-ray, wisdom teeth - fun!

    Having seen half the NAPS battalion go through having their wisdom teeth removed, I have to say that the week it took out of my life in high school is well worth it. Poor guys, they made everyone who has wisdom teeth get them removed while they were here. a lot of missing class if you happened...
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    Thank you!

    CONGRATS on NAPS. it's going to help you so much for the academy. best ond worst time of your life. at least it was for me. 5 weeks from graduation!
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    have the scores sent to USNA. a summer seminar appliaction, at least when i did it, was the preliminary application for admission. they should get the scores and be able to update your file.
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    22 year old plebe?

    everyone here is totally right. there are several guys for next year's class that will be even older than you would be your plebe year. we've got a NAPSter here that is going to turn 23 the day after i-day, talk about cutting the limit close. i think the biggest problem you will face is having...