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    Official USAFA Class of 2017 Appointment thread

    Hello all, Congrats on your appointments! I still remember that feeling even though it was four long years ago. I haven't been on here in a while, but it did help me in my preparation to coming here, especially when I got to talk to a few cadets at a SAF dinner before in-processing. I've...
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    Class of 2015 / 2016

    Not necessarily... we are still trying to downsize and the classes over the next few years will continue to be small.
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    Appointee Dinner

    I looked through all of the threads but couldn't find anything so I figured I'd start a new thread. Has anyone made any plans on getting together the night before I-day to go to dinner/meet each-other? I went to one when I was coming in and it was nice to meet other appointees so that I was...
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    USAFA Vs USNA Spirit videos

    dre i didn't know you were on here... we need some good ideas..
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    A-Day suggestions

    I'd have to agree with the underwear! Those issued tighty whities are not comfortable by any means, and most pair are stained jacks valley dirt red by the time you're done with them... tagging on to what was said earlier, they really aren't allowed anything, and i would hold off on the the big...
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    USAFA Uniform Question?

    no... if you ever see someone in uniform sitting in first class they are breaking the rules
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    Chances of Getting Into the Air Force Academy

    do NOT pick a service academy based on how easy it is to get in. you will be there for 4 years, a small amount of time compared to a military career. only apply so a service academy if you want to serve in that branch. if you want to be in the military i'm guessing you want to make a career...
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    Chances of Getting Into the Air Force Academy

    2016 is going to be one of the most competitive classes USAFA has seen. It will be the smallest class they've had in quite some time. That being said, keep in mind the academy super scores the ACT. They take the highest score in each category and that's what counts. Go in and concentrate on...
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    What is 2015's motto?

    "One Fight, One Team!"
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    visit help for HS junior

    Yes, but its not going to be anything different than a regular shadowing of a cadet, nothing "special" for appointees, other than the fact that they're an appointee
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    visit help for HS junior

    They canceled appointee orientation, which is what blackbird is referring too, but i agree, 2016 will be the smallest class the academy has seen in years, i would work on maxing out that resume
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    BCT Mail

    The mail room is already filling mailboxes for incoming basics...
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    you can try... but for the past few years, if it wasn't shaved completely... they shaved it for you
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    just have to keep it in regs
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    They're going to cut your hair regardless, so I say no. Its fun to see that dramatic transformation when "mop top" gets a 10 second haircut
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    bring address book to basic?

    I did that... and it was well worth it. I also came with stickers with my home address on it... not much time for mail in basic, every minute counts
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    Address question

    My aunt still addresses me as "Basic Cadet" :/
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    Graphing calculators

    nope... no graphing calculators... this aint the prep school
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    Last Post & Shout Out To Everyone

    you will all be seeing me.. i'll be a red-roper (stan/eval) be sure to say hey!
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    Questions for a Freshman Cadet

    Don't be stupid and wear civies in the springs. You may not know it, but there are cadets EVERYWHERE! Someone WILL see you, and you don't want to test your odds whether or not they'll report you. I know of at least 5 cases of doolies getting busted for this. As a side note, if you DO go...