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    Civil War movie about VMI & New Market

    Had shared the link with my dad and brother (he has several longtime vmi friends and lives in richmond). Tonight heard from my son - the ensign is there at unit - he told me he had been an extra today - wore couple of uniforms - old cadet one and confederate one. He got paid and fed!!!! Dont...
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    VMI and tomorrow’s leaders- Charlotte Observer

    Thanks Bruno! We too leave VMI, still impressed and able to say that it does live up to the hype! I remain proud my association and my son's attendance. This 1st class year gave him a well balanced life - finally ME classes were manageable only about 16hours/semester, so enjoyed being RDC...
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    Navy Federal Credit Union or USAA

    Since my son learned this bit of info the hard way (one person telling him one thing last summer only to learn this past april that it was NOT available). Both USAA and NFCU offer career kick off (starter) loans the basics are similiar - 5yr payback, can wait to start repay until after...
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    VMI ROTC 4 Year Scholarship

    To poster - my congrats! as well - your decision is one that only you can make - since you asked will share, because your anticipated expectation may well come to pass. My son also had academy as first choice, received a 4yr NROTC to VMI (his backup plan). While he reapplied that RAT fall to...
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    ROTC scholarship (problems) for a tough major?!

    To orginial poster, it is done in 4 yrs - my son is mechanical engineer, finishing in 4 yrs on navy scholarship. His scholarship was for 4 yrs. He has taken 16-19 hrs per semester. At least at VMI, the schedule for the 8semesters was spelled out at onset, not much room to fall behind. My son's...
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    commissioning rate

    Norwich Dad and Bruno - THANK YOU - I knew that I needed assistance to be accurate - thus why I hestitate sometimes to post. i always appreciated all the information I learned here. larrys mom
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    commissioning rate

    To the poster above, your question/point #2 - from what I understand, the guaranete from an SMC - is ONLY within the Dept of Army,if the cadet receives recommendation from military science prof - then they are guaraneteed a commission - but for army- that commission could be active duty...
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    commissioning rate

    I realized after my first post on this subject, that I didnt identify the VMI class 2012 graduates- looked into my past issues of THE INSTITUTE REPORT Taken from the INSTITUTE REPORT - JUNE 2012 issue -page 10 - 244 cadets, 217 members of class of 2012 received diplomas may 16th - from page...
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    commissioning rate

    I believe that at VMI last year they had total 57%commission rate for class of 2012. I do not have the numbers for this years class yet. I know that the supt at VMI has a goal of 75-80% rate. One of the beliefs at VMI is a citizen soldier - I have come to understand that Army has different...
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    NROTC pilot selection

    Pima - that is another difference - as I understand it, our navy guys only know they got pilot or NFO - regardless they all go to pensacola and do the exact same first training - from there the NFO's stay on at pensacola for their completion and the pilots- after first stuff get their...
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    NROTC pilot selection

    Pima - I think i can answer your question - basics are that navy or marine 4yr scholarship MIDN - have a summer active duty period each of the 3 summers during their 4 yrs - the first summer, after their freshman yr - all attend the same - the remaining 2 summers are very different - Marine...
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    Congratulations on Breakout VMI '16

    Echoing the BEST WISHES for JOB WELL DONE! VMIdad - will tell you my cadet too sounded hoarse as well - but said it was great success and was like a proud poppa of his 2 rats! The snowy-bitter cold weather may be a thing for this dyke line - as my son told me, the General decided at last...
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    Low Interest Loan available to rising Seniors

    I was glad to see comment regarding truck - that is what my son has had his eye on for years - knowing that each situation is different, I can accept that my son will buy a new truck, it helps that there is no serious relationship present, that he has households for a 1 bd apt (from moms...
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    Low Interest Loan available to rising Seniors

    I will offer what we know - my son is now a senior at VMI, NROTC 4yr scholarship cadet, so he has looked into what is available. My understanding is these 2 programs, there may be more, are available to all MIDN/CADETS - the 4 federal academies students get lots of info, but our experience has...
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    Waiting to hear from VMI

    First CONGRATS to all! It is amazing journey. As for the Navy lingo - as a navy family can tellyou yes the language will be different - but familiar! The companies are formed the army way - by height, but as Bruno said the front and back are equal the tallest - the middle has the shortest -...
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    2012-13 branching

    I can add that I believe may 2013 garduates/commissioning are receiving word about their branch this week. My son attends VMI and was told today about his army buds and their branch news. My son is Navy and they learned their service selection last week. Congrats to all! larrys mom
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    Romney to speak at VMI on 10/8 on Foreign policy

    Bruno, already had a quick call from my son - he and his roommate who some of cadets in front row. He wanted me to know so maybe I would see him on TV! My son said it was great - I had heard that 1C and maybe 2C would have the seats in main place, but he confirmed that 1st class and ac stars...
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    PRK surgery before joining?

    Not to beat a dead horse - but my son is CURRENTly a 4 yr NROTC scholarship cadet at VMI. The unit had to grant permission and they told him from the beginning that it would be summer before 2C (junior yr) - surgery shouldnt not be done before 21 yrs -still growing. There is a difference...
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    Coast Guard Pilot (vision)

    USNA has bethesda - now walter reed medical center for all their eye surgeries. I often see the mid's around bethesda - as for NROTC - at VMI - my son was given permission from unit - which they outlined his freshman year would be given after his sohpmore yr - summer, before he returned for his...
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    VMI commemorates 9/11

    thanks for sharing the link. See you have relocated - wishing you well, larrys mom