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    2028 State Nominations Thread

    so far just Scott, no word from Rubio, at least not from me.
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    High School Senior

    Didn't know they had high school hockey in Tenessee lol
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    Appointment Timing

    Hello all just a quick question, I was able to do my optometrist exam Aug 1st before the start of school, but I have yet to do my physical, mainly because of time constraints, transportation etc. I am scheduling my physical, but that is a 2-month window between my optometrist exam and...
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    2028 State Nominations Thread

    Nope, I haven’t heard anything yet.
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    NAPS 23-24 Questions

    do NAPSters still attend Navy football games or is the distance too great to travel every weekend
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    Partially Closed Status?

    Hello all, I’m looking for some guidance as my DoDMERB portal says my status is now partially closed. For context, I scheduled and completed my optometrist exam Aug 1, but yet have to schedule and complete my physical. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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    Genesis Invitational

    Thank you!!! Do they offer transportation to and from the airport for those arriving alone or will I have to call an Uber/Lyft/Taxi?
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    Genesis Invitational

    Hey y’all, Earlier today I got an invite to the USCGA Genesis Invitational. I just wanted to know if it’s something like the Candidate Visit Weekend for the Naval Academy where I stay in the dorms or something a bit different. I looked at the USCGA website for more information, but it didn’t...
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    Questions: Transfer of SLE CFA Scores to USNA & Fitness Recommendation

    Hey, this is just me but I was on the phone with my West Point field force representative in April and asked him, when I take the CFA at USNA Summer Seminar will it translate into my West Point portal, and he said no. But it also doesn’t hurt to retake the CFA again with a coach/pe instructor...
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    Fitness recommendation

    Yeah, my coach informed me he got two emails, one was the email to administer the CFA, and the second was an evaluation where he submitted a letter of recommendation, and I only put his email down once for the coach/fitness instructor recommendation. I was honestly kind of surprised as well...
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    Fitness recommendation

    Yea and they also have a choice to write an optional recommendation on you, atleast that’s what my coach said
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    This program is also at the University of Arizona, Purdue University, and North Carolina Agriculture and Technical State.
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    [NROTC] Is Spherical Equivalent used to determine eligibility for aviation?

    I’m pretty sure if your vision is no worse than 20/70 and both eyes are correctable to 20/20 you’ll be able to become a pilot. (take this with a grain of salt because I’m only a candidate)
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    Thank you!
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    another question, i can keep sending in scores after I submit my initial ones right?
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    alright thank you.
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    i am aware of it. But should I send all my scores, even the bad ones?
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    alright thank you, just needed some clarification