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  1. The Real XMO15

    When will I receive my appointment?

    Welcome to the class o’ 22 - see you in June
  2. The Real XMO15

    USAFA Prep Questions

    Counting the hours at this point.
  3. The Real XMO15

    USAFA Prep Questions

    BMT graduation is August 5th. I was also told we will get a postcard shortly after arrival to send home with our mailing address.
  4. The Real XMO15

    USAFA Prep Questions

    Do cadet candidates get host families?
  5. The Real XMO15

    Describe the admissions process in three words

    Stressful character builder
  6. The Real XMO15

    Portal Access Down?

    Man - getting an email and not being able to see the portal. Stress +2500
  7. The Real XMO15


    Take your fathers advice respectfully but remember it's your life and you earned the right to choose. Also, look beyond the prep year. 20 years from now, you'll say I graduated from the United States ________. Fill in that blank. Good luck!
  8. The Real XMO15

    USAFA Landmark Chapel to Close for 4 years

    USAFA Instagram says summer of 18. Even bigger bummer for class of 22. :( All four years
  9. The Real XMO15

    Pre candidate questionnaire

    I kind of thought the same thing last year. Your big application should come around July. That will be the one you're thinking of with Essays, required documents, and a CFA. Take advantage of this time. Start preparing for the CFA, finish your Junior year strong, and start looking into noms...
  10. The Real XMO15

    No test scores

    Also, you will able to update scores even after you have submitted the pre-can application. Expect to have to send "official" test scores this summer.
  11. The Real XMO15

    USAFA Class of 2021 Appointments

    Congrats! Very awesome.
  12. The Real XMO15

    Received USAFA Prep Offer today!

    Thanks! So I'm from Florida which is a highly competitive state. My stats: 3.96 GPA (Weighted/Reconfigured by USAFA) ACT) English - 31, Math - 26, Reading - 28, Science - 28 New SAT) English - 690,Math - 590 I am from a small school so I am involved in almost everything: Graduating with 24...
  13. The Real XMO15

    Received USAFA Prep Offer today!

    Woke up to it at 6:30 this morning. Very excited and blessed for the opportunity. I thought it would be worth posting due to the weird time of the prep school offer. Anyhow, I am definitely happy the wait is over although the journey has just begun! Any other 2018 USAFA Preppies feel free to PM!
  14. The Real XMO15

    Personal Gear for Basic Cadets

    I was told watches were not permitted during BCT.
  15. The Real XMO15

    Portal Problems?

    Yes. Same problem here.
  16. The Real XMO15

    Summer Seminar Questions

    1) I used my PSAT scores and was accepted. I've found that doing things that are optional often works out best, however, if your scores are not up to par yet consider leaving it blank. 2) Last years had 2 ;) 3) No. All applications must be in by the 15th of January. Some applicants will be put...
  17. The Real XMO15

    Nomination Interviews: What to Expect?

    I just finished my 3 as well. Make sure you know when the branch you're aspiring to join was created.
  18. The Real XMO15

    Summer Seminar Session B

    I'll be there!