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    SLE Notification

    I would like to reciprocate what vtechroomie1 has said. Just relax and enjoy the time in HS and make sure to keep doing well in and out of school. SLE is a great time and is good to open up your eyes, but if you dont get in, it is not the worst case. It will not hurt your application. Good luck...
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    I had a 730 math and 730 CR. I think like 670 writing?

    I had a 730 math and 730 CR. I think like 670 writing?
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    Class of 2019 Appointment Thread

    1. clofton6, 12 Dec 2014, TX-03, Senatorial Nomination(LOA) 2. MIgeek, 28 Jan 2015, Soldier, Sec Army Cadetship 3. NewJersey2019, 29 Jan 2015, NJ-11, Congressional Nomination 4. NCWestPoint, 1/30/15, NC-05, Congressional 5 UT 801,29 Jan 2015, UT-04, Senatorial 6. mo06mom (DS), 29 Jan 2015...
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    C/O 2019 Mailbox Stalkers

    Just keep in mind that USNA doesn't send out the BFE right when you get the call (if you do) from the MOC. I got my MOC call on a Friday, and the BFE was mailed the next Thursday, and received the following Wednesday (today!). I guess it seems like a long time, but really it isn't too bad since...
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    Class of 2019 Appointment Thread

    1. williamsrn, 19 NOV 2014, VA-02, Presidential Nom 2. OsseousProgenitor (DS), 26 OCT 2014, MD-08, Presidential Nom 3. b1driver (DS), 30 Oct 2014, VA-01, Presidential Nom, Virginia 4. BigBadWolf, 26 Oct 2014, GA-13, Presidential Nom 5. bill.rivera's (DS), 2 Oct 2014, Presidential Nom 6. Ncn1596...
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    Thank you very much! I just got an appointment to USNA yesterday, so it looks like I will be...

    Thank you very much! I just got an appointment to USNA yesterday, so it looks like I will be heading there. If anything changes though, and UCOL Boulder comes back into the mix, I will absolutely contact you for some info. Thank you!
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    Official AROTC 2nd Board Winners 2015

    1. vtechroomie1; 4 year; Virginia Tech, Clemson, or University of San Diego 2. mingram(dd); 4 year: Tennessee, Rhodes, U Central Florida 3. 92WPGrad (DS); 4 year; VTech, JMU, Washington & Lee 4. khag23 (DS) 3 yr ; St. Bonaventure, Slippery Rock University, Shippensburg University 5...
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    Nomination Question

    grking, I have a congressional nomination from Ma as well, and when I logged in yesterday, I saw the same thing for the Ma61. I believe that this is a senatorial nomination. I read somewhere that they use 61 and 62 as senatorial codes for all states because no state would have that many...
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    AROTC 2nd Board Waiters 2015

    Soon enough my man. Hurry up and wait.
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    ROTC Scholarships and School choices

    I have been told that NROTC has a new board that convenes about every 2 weeks. If your file isn't awarded a scholarship upon the first board you have been submitted in timed for, your file will be considered for every subsequent board until the last one has convened or you have been awarded a...
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    Candidate slots?

    The profile says that roughly 50% of all those who are nominated and are triple qualified (officially) by USMA will be offered an appointment. Each Congressman / woman or Senator can only have up to 5 people at each individual Academy at one point, so I mean I would say 3 from a district (unless...
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    Candidate slots?

    I'm not sure I quite understand what you mean by what you are asking here and what part you are confused about but here it the link the class profile which briefly breaks down admissions statistics of this year. I think it should make sense for you in terms of the numbers after looking at that...
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    AROTC 2nd Board Waiters 2015

    Thank you vtechroomie1. Can't wait to see the listings start up here soon. Wish you the best of luck my friend. BI!
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    Can USMA graduates be stationed at the Pentagon?

    In regards to students picking where they would like to be stationed, you will be ranked numerically once at the Academy based upon your physical, academic and military scores. This creates a class ranking system, from the very first cadet in the class to the last. Win the time comes, you will...